Cash and Flo’s PPE Pack


•COVID-19 is here to stay until the time we find a vaccine

•Everyone says this is some way off and so we have to plan enforcement service delivery in the “new normal” of working safely to protect everyone involved in the process of taking control of goods

•So “Cash” and “Flo” our virtual High Court Enforcement Agents (HCEAs) are going to take us through the training and guidance which we will be using to manage the delivery of enforcement services in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

•These blog posts are designed to explain how we will deliver our  safe working practices programme to everyone involved in the enforcement process including |


•Members of the public we visit

•Other members of the public we may come into contact with

•Court staff

•Our own corporate team

•We also want to say thank you to all frontline NHS staff who have done an amazing job to keep COVID-19 under control in the UK – a big thank you from us all here at Shergroup

•We recognize we have a responsibility to protect the NHS by working to minimize the spread of the virus through our enforcement operations

CASH AND FLO’S PPE Checklist for Visits

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  • Cash and Flo start their day by checking their Personal Protection Equipment known as PPE

  • All their PPE was cleaned the night before so it just needs to be checked and put in their sanitized car

  • The PPE includes |

    • Their official Identification cards

    • Clean fluid repellent surgical face masks (3-ply, type IIR, EN14683 compliant)

    • Eye protection (such as face visor or goggles)

    • Alcohol-based antibacterial wipes and hand rub

    • Antibacterial hand gel bottles

    • Paperwork which they have printed off

    • Disinfectant spray for clamps and other uses

    • Bin bags to collect used handwipes, disposable gloves, masks

    • PDA and PDQ  devices for mobile working

  • Before leaving their vehicle, they are prepared with all the essentials to carry out a safe and sanitized visit 

How CASH AND FLO Are Super Hygienic

  • Cash and Flo follow good hygiene practice, including |

  • Washing their hands – this has become their GO TO way to decontaminate their hands – they use hot soap and water for 20 seconds

  • If they can’t wash their hands they use hand sanitiser during the day

  • They make a habit of cleaning their hands after every visit and when they touch surfaces outside the home

  • If they want to cough or sneeze then they cover their mouth with a tissue or sleeve

  • They will immediately dispose of the tissue in a bin and then  wash their hands

  • If they don’t have a tissue they will cough or sneeze into their arm

  • •They also avoiding touching their face with their hands

  • Cash and Flo don’t like contacting objects and hard surfaces when they are working

  • They also use contactless payment methods wherever possible

  • They also avoid sharing items such as pens, and carry a stock of new biros to hand out if a Judgment Debtor can’t find a pen

  • Cash and Flo carry hand sanitiser as part of their PPE Pack at all times and keep a handy size bottle in their pocket/briefcase


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  • As Enforcement Agents, Cash and Flow will wear a face covering (mask) when entering vehicles or premises wherever possible, especially when social distancing may be difficult and where they come into contact with people they do not normally meet.

  • They follow Government Guidance on the use of face coverings.

  • Their PPE Pack is always readily accessible, as they will be carrying it, wearing it, or have a stock of items in their vehicle 

  • It is part of the standard operating procedures to make sure their PPE is stored safely and is not damaged or contaminated – PPE is stored in a plastic box with a lid in the boot of their vehicle

  • In all circumstances where Cash and Flow use some form of PPE, they follow strict guidelines on how to put on the item, remove the item and dispose of used PPE in a strict  is used, it is critical that it is put on, removed and disposed of safely

  • If face masks, gloves or wipes are used during a visit, they should be disposed of after use by placing them in a sealed bag and into a bin

  • These items will not be used again

  • Eye protection can be re-used, but it will be cleaned with hot soapy water or alcohol wipes if it has come into contact with bodily fluids such as where someone has sneezed or coughed

CASH AND FLO Follow Stringent Hand Hygiene Guidance

  • Here are Cash and Flo’s Top Tips for good hand hygiene which all enforcement agents should put in to practice |

  • Wash hands, or sanitize with alcohol-based hand sanitizer, before and after each visit and after contact with any member of the public, (regardless of whether the minimum 2m social distancing was maintained)

  • Sanitize hands BEFORE donning PPE including masks, goggles, and gloves

  • Sanitize hands AFTER removing PPE

  • Always risk assess situations on a case-by-case basis

  • It is  recommended that enforcement agents wear a mask and gloves as a minimum in situations where it is not possible to maintain 2m social distancing

  • Disposable gloves must be used if the enforcement agents are likely to come into physical contact with objects or hard surfaces, including |

    • doors and doorbells

    • documents

    • equipment such as vehicle clamps

  • Like Cash and Flo, if enforcement agents are using a shared vehicle, the vehicle must be sanitized every day

  • Vehicle sanitization includes cleaning the frequently touched areas with a cleaning material such as spray bleach and the areas to focus on include |

    • The steering wheel

    • Gearstick

    • Controls

    • Keys

    • Door handles

    • Petrol cap

    • Seal Belts

CASH AND FLO Show You How to Put On and Take Off Gloves Safely

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  • As you probably know PPE should be applied in an order which minimises the risk of self contamination

  • Cash and Flo will don gloves as part of their PPE and these will be put and taken off for each address they visit

  • Before they put on their gloves they will use their alcohol-based hand sanitizer to decontaminate their hands

  • They will then put on fresh nitrile gloves which, despite their appearance, are not sterile

  • They will inspect these gloves thoroughly before using them to make sure they have no holes in the fabric of the glove which could allow any cross-contamination

  • Cash and Flo follow the Health & Safety Guidance on how to don their gloves before leaving their vehicle

  • Even if they get an itchy nose, Cash and Flo know they mustn’t touch their face with their gloves!

  • They know the gloves are a good fit and put them on so they cover their hands and wrists

  • They also know not to touch hard surfaces when wearing their gloves so as not to risk contamination

  • When they take their gloves off Cash and Flo follow this simple safe routine to avoid contact with the outer surface of the glove

    • They will grasp the outside of glove with the other gloved hand

    • They will peel off the first glove

    • They will hold the removed glove in the remaining gloved hand

    • Then they will slide the fingers of their ungloved hand under the remaining glove at the wrist

    • And then they will peel the remaining glove off over the first hand and discard the gloves into a bin bag and tie a knot in the bin bag at the top

    • The gloves are treated as waste which will be disposed of in line with our waste disposal policy