How CASH AND FLO Travel “Contactless” to Visits

  • When they travel to work, Cash and Flo avoid public transport and use a vehicle which they share

  • It is a requirement that Cash and Flo go out as a pair of enforcement agents and so they follow proper hygiene practices

  • At the end of every working day, they take it in turns to clean the inside of their vehicle

  • They pay special attention to frequently touched areas such as |

    • their keys

    • the steering wheel

    • The gearstick

    • indicators

    • other controls

    • the door handles and seat belt straps

  • When they have to fill up the car they ALWAYS use gloves at the petrol station as Flo heard petrol pumps were a harbour for the virus

CASH AND FLO Do the “Contactless” Door Knock

  • When Cash and Flo get to the address on the Writ they will knock the door in the top left area of the door which is the least touched area

  • When the door opens, either Cash or Flo will quickly explain the need to maintain social distancing and establish if anyone inside the property currently has COVID-19 symptoms

  • If the person inside the property (who may or may not be the Judgment Debtor) is not maintaining social distancing, has COVID-19 symptoms, or compromises Cash or Flo’s personal safety, then the two enforcement agents will terminate the visit and withdraw safely to their vehicle

  • But if none of these situations are apparent, then Cash and Flo will continue with the enforcement visit whilst maintaining a safe 2 metre distance throughout their time at the property

  • And the entire visit will be recorded on their body worn cameras as evidence that they followed Health and Safety Guidance on all these important issues

CASH AND FLO Go “Contactless” When Using a Lift

  • If Cash and Flo attend an address in say, a block of flats, they firstly try to use the stairs rather than taking the lift

  • They will use the lift if they are the only persons  in the lift and they will sanitize their hands before entering the lift and will sanitize their hands again outside the lift – now you can appreciate why they like to take the stairs!

  • They will be super careful not to touch their face at any time

  • If the lift travels up and down and another person gets into the lift then Cash and Flo will step out of the lift – because they can’t be that close to a person who could be carrying the virus

  • When using the stairs Cash and Flo won’t use the handrail but if they do touch anything including an exit door they will sanitize their hands again before any visit

  • They are also super careful when withdrawing to their  vehicle not to touch their faces

How Cash and Flo Will Take Contactless Payments

  • Until further notice post lockdown, only contactless payment is allowed

  • Cash or Flo will offer the Judgment Debtor the opportunity to make a payment by credit or debit card or by making an online bank transfer

  • If the Judgment Debtor wants a receipt then this will be sent by the Debtor Services Team because paper receipts are a last resort at the moment

Capturing Further Information to Achieve a Contactless Report

v4 (1) (1).jpg
  • Contactless visits mean Cash and Flo have had to adopt some new procedures during their visits

  • If the Judgment Debtor or Third Party wants to show them some paper based information then this has to be captured in a contactless process

  • The way they do this is to ask the Judgment Debtor to click pictures of the information or scan it directly to Shergroup’s Debtor Services Team

  • If the Judgment Debtor can’t do this then Cash or Flo will ask the Judgment Debtor to leave the evidence on the doorstep and then step back

  • Cash or Flo will then approach the information on the doorstep and capture it as images on their PDA

  • This information will then be uploaded to the Shergroup’s database and presented in a full report for the Judgment Creditor

  • It will also form part of Shergroup’s records for how the Writ has been enforced

Cash and Flo Clamp a Vehicle By Going Contactless

v4 (1).png
  • Cash and Flo will follow Shergroup’s safe methods of working when clamping vehicles

  • They will apply hand sanitizer to their hands before putting gloves on inside their vehicle

  • The will put on their face mask once outside their vehicle

  • They will then spray the clamp with spray bleach or anti-bacterial spray when it is taken out of the vehicle

  • If anyone approaches the enforcement agents while they are carrying out a clamping procedure the enforcement agents will ask the person to observe the 2 metre rule

  • The same rule applies for observing the 2 metre rule when removing the clamp 

  • Once a clamp is removed it should be sanitized again to that a clean clamp goes back in the vehicle

Cash and Flo Withdraw Safely and Prepare for their  Next Visit Like This

  • They both take proper precautions when withdrawing from a visit address

  • If their equipment has come into contact with any hard surface or any person, they will maintain social distancing at all times

  • When donning gloves they will remove the gloves by following a simple routine [INSERT PROCESS]

  • They will remove their PPE before they get back in their vehicle and remove gloves and mask and put them in a small bin bag which they will tie in a knot and put in their household bin when they get home

  • They will wipe the exterior and interior places in the vehicle which are frequently touched with antibacterial wipes

  • They will wipe down their body worn camera, PDQ device, mobile phone, and folder with antibacterial wipes

  • They will dispose of any used/damaged PPE into their household bin when they get home

  • Should Cash or Flo have to terminate a visit early due to their personal health being compromised they will drive home and follow good hygiene and public health guidance

  • Assuming all is well, Cash and Flo will prepare for their next visit by |

  • Cleaning all equipment

  • Putting on PPE as per Shergroup’s Guidance

Wrapping Up Their Contactless Day of Visits

  • When returning home Cash and Flow follow good hygiene and public health guidelines

  • They clean all their PPE and other equipment and follow the same instructions to prepare for your next visit

  • Once they get home they make sure that there is no cross contamination

  • They clean their work shoes/boots with spray bleach or anti-bacterial wipes and leave them in their work vehicle or outside their home where possible

  • They then remove their work clothing and wash it straight away on a 60° wash

  • They then wash their hands arms and face immediately before coming into contact with others people in their home