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Here in Shergroup we have built our own system to build traffic to our brand – which in case you didn’t realize is Shergroup 😊 – so we can help more and more businesspeople in our community.

Claire Sandbrook as our CEO is by nature a marketeer and frustrated graphic designer!  So, with her love of colour and design we have been able to be the most creative and interesting provider of business services in our heritage area of business as Sheriffs.

And honestly if we can do that to our heritage business then there’s no real obstacle to creating more digital services which add value to the businesses in our client community. 

We can help you junk all the expensive consultants, the web designers, the marketeers, the SEO specialists and the social media gurus.

We think the critical mission is to get more traffic to your brand, whether that’s a brick and mortar business or a virtual business with a website as the shop window. 

So, for our own model we have built components for a sustainable marketing and sales program(me) where the marketing drives traffic and the sales guys convert the traffic into money in the bank. 

And to deliver this joined up approach we have developed our SHERPA portal so that the marketing messages drive traffic in all channels, and as that information converts into conversations, we see how our shop of solutions can help your business.  And in our Sales Solutions section we have asked Bruce King, the King of Sales to offer you a great deal on his sales coaching program(me). 

Let’s turn your sales guys into SALES ROCKSTARS! 

So, guys we started as Sheriffs and our end game is to finish as Sheriffs who morphed into Robin Hoods giving back!  We can help your business scale and grow – so fill out he form below and we will set up a time to have a chat so you can get started on your own digital marketing journey!

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