AI and the Rise of the Robot Security Guard

Updated: Apr 27

Love it or hate it – the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in all walks of life is making films like Terminator become a reality. So, we will be tracking the rise of the automated security guard with interest. This article caught the eye of our CEO, Claire Sandbrook, who is always on the lookout for ways to improve performance and new tech ideas - (she has been a Trekkie since she was 4 years old).

We have learnt at Shergroup that you can ignore advances in technological capability at your peril. Some short time ago our CEO blogged about how she didn’t like body-worn cameras – but she has had to “eat her hat” on that one and is now a huge supporter of this tech.

Rise of the Robot Security Guards

We appreciate that robotic security resources will always have shortcomings – but remote robot security guard and autonomous security guard robot who are actually robots will literally take the legwork out of the job, which include the challenges of finding talent and managing a consistent service with real data as part of its delivery.

Security robots are not going to be sick, need vacation time, or forget the address of their post. Just like their “camera cousins”, security robots, human-size robot patrols are going to be consistently good at doing what they are programmed to do and report back accurately on what they see.

Of course, there is a big gulf between a robot and a human security guard. The ability of the robot to react to an emergency or to use initiative to prevent a situation from escalating is severely limited. It is for this reason that we see that a fusion of robotic security guards, security guard services and humans could well be a successful combo.

We look forward to reading more about where and when robotic security resources are making a difference to security operations around the globe.

In the meantime, our CEO is experimenting with a robotic vacuum cleaner!