CCTV Surveillance: Need of the Hour

CCTV is the security system that allows you to monitor and safeguard your property from risks that can happen at any time in a cost-effective and efficient way. Knowing there is always an extra pair of eyes watching over your assets allows a property to be left unmanned in many situations. The CCTV system captures these otherwise unseen events and relays them back to a control room where CCTV operators evaluate what they are seeing and escalate the response as needed.

CCTV technology has been around for decades, but it has witnessed an upsurge in demand in recent years owing to its advanced security features which not only record videos but also react whenever required. CCTV surveillance has not only contributed to businesses smooth running and operating but also in securing homes by acting as an obvious deterrent to burglars and other unwanted visitors to a person’s home.

Why do we Need CCTV Surveillance?

Here are our 5 reasons why installing CCTV in your business or home is a smart idea |

#1 Check Your Security on Your Phone

No need to even have traditional CCTV monitoring as you can be your own CCTV operator. This surveillance camera strategy allows you to monitor your office and home at any given time from virtually any location. Installing CCTV cameras on your property is a smart move and if you haven't considered installing it, do it now.

#2 Deterring Criminal Activity

Installing CCTV camera on your property has many associated benefits but the one that stands out is that they work as an excellent deterrent for criminal activities. CCTV has two-fold benefits, it helps in discouraging the intruders from breaking in and second even if a forbidden burglary takes place, it becomes easier to catch the culprits after watching the video footage

#3 A Security Always in Reach

A security camera allows you to monitor remotely what's happening on your premises when you're away. Whether you've closed your operations because of Covid-19, or your vacant property is waiting for its next tenant, these modern security systems give you full control to check on your property as an app on your smartphone which is a 24x7 real-time monitoring capability in the palm of your hand.

#4 Insurance Benefits

Another not so obvious benefit of CCTV comes into play by lowering your insurance on the property by as much as 20%.

With CCTV cameras installed at your property, you're at a lower risk of encountering any criminal activity thus the overall price of your insured property reduces. You will have enough evidence to support your insurance claims against theft or burglary that you may not have had otherwise.

# 5 Cost Benefits