Building a Content Machine That Just Keeps on Giving!

If you haven’t started to appreciate this key shift in your business, we encourage you to start now. Your business presence online has to be fed with daily content to keep your ranking on Google and other platforms moving up and to keep you in the mind of your audience.

Well, that’s the statement – but how the heck do you achieve that we hear you cry? It’s a very good and timely question. So, in this article, we are going to start you on a journey to achieve this key business objective.

Before we get into our picklist can we say we have built our own content machine from the ground up and it remains a work in progress? We think that’s the same for every business. The biggest thing you can do is to look at everything you do as potential content. From the mundane to the extraordinary you and your business are creating content all day long. So, you can’t run out of content. What people tend to do is to think negatively that they don’t have any content, and then even if they do it's boring!

So even in our business, we are finding that people think our business is exciting and want to know more about what we do! We didn’t even realise this before we started.

How you build your own content?

So, let’s have a look at how you build your own content machine.

1. List Your Goals

Most content strategies address common goals like increasing your web traffic, growing your social media base, increasing the e-mail list with more signups. Converting these goals into something that can be easily tracked and measured is the way to go about it. So, you should be focusing on increasing web traffic by 10% instead of just increasing your web traffic figures.

2. Persona Research

To kick off a successful content marketing plan you need to identify your target audience also referred to as your customer avatar. Knowing your target audience will make it easier for you to produce more relevant and quality content that your audience will engage with. You need to dig into the minds of your audience and understand their happy points, along with their pain points, their motivations and what sort of content they like to engage with. You can test this with different sorts of marketing.

Use old photos of your business as a ‘Back in the Day’ piece and get your TEAM involved!

This will be the turning point for you in developing a strategy. SEO tools like keyword research and analytics will help you start if you are new to marketing and if you are an experienced marketer then you can revisit your set parameters and work on growing your audience.

3. Brand Messaging