The Art of Employee Background Checks

An employee background check is very common in the UK, US, and India, which is where Shergroup operates its global brand of outsourcing services. It is a necessary HR process that requires care and diligence in its application. Be too mechanical in the application of the findings and you may miss a great candidate. Be prepared to gloss over key details and you may find someone slips into your business who causes you a problem later on.

That’s why we say there’s an art to screening employees, so you get the best candidates with the background that fits your business.

Employee Screening and Hiring

Of course, screening potential employees before hiring is a critical task that involves due diligence to verify the identity, credentials, and any criminal record of the person to be hired.

The process of employee screening enables you as the employer to have full and accurate knowledge of who you are hiring. Background checks are an essential part of the recruitment process and they help in protecting the company, its employees, and the customers from fraud and other malpractice. It also sends a signal to your existing and new team members that your business has zero tolerance for any poor behaviours and shows you are prudent in your selection process.

We always say in Shergroup that the odds of hiring a good employee start at around 50/50. The aim of the background check is to improve these odds so that the risk to employers in hiring a “bad apple” is reduced. Background checks eliminate any concern about who is joining your company in terms of identity, qualifications, and without a criminal record. Of course, you may be more relaxed on some of these aspects but if you have to have zero anxiety about the person joining your team this is one of the ways to confirm what you are being told is verified and correct.

Outsource Employee Background Check

You can outsource this process to a company such as Shergroup. In our investigation solutions, we can provide the level of due diligence in a totally confidential environment that is right for your business.

Vetting potential employees can stretch your recruitment process in terms of time and cost but if you outsource this task to Shergroup then you can focus on business and leave us to do the heavy-lifting in curating all the background information and checking it against your criteria.

What’s Involved in an Employee Background Check?

An employee background check in the UK involves carrying out a criminal background check, employment history verification and professional reference check. It also depends on the type of role and industry. Some jobs may require health checks, drug checks and competency checks to test a potential employee's skills, although this screening is usually carried out once the job offer has been made.