Enforcement Based on Results Not Bravado

Updated: Feb 25

Shergroup’s High Court Enforcement division, we use data to manage our entire process – from the transfer of the court’s judgment through to the end result of the enforcement process. In doing this we have realized that enforcement agents are part of our national team – and like every part of the process they have to be measured on their results. Underperformance has to be managed just like everything else.

So, over the last year we have moved away from one sole provider of agents to building a national panel. Two of our panel members have crossed the threshold of collecting over a million pounds in cash in this 12-month period. One of these resulted from the seizure of a commercial 767 aircraft which led to the plane being sold back to the judgment creditor for parts at an agreed price. It was a great piece of work and is captured in video here.

The second panel agency has achieved a steady collection rate month on month of Writs sent to it for enforcement. With coaching and support from Claire Sandbrook as the Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer, and the entire Shergroup Enforcement TEAM, this agency has been a pleasure to work with and has delivered a terrific result in a relatively short period of time.

Complaints, such as they are, have been resolved by using the body worn cameras that we ask all enforcement agents to wear. It has been good to see this agency flourish while working as part of the Shergroup brand.

And we continue to add agencies to our national panel as we want to give our customers CHOICE. If one agency can’t achieve a result in a given area, we have choices on what to do next.

By doing this we give our client the best possible chance of a positive result. We feel it is important they are not stuck with an underperforming and poorly trained agent in any given postcode.

On top of all this, we are now reviewing the standard of qualifications in the High Court and the wider enforcement industry. We believe there is significant room for improvement. Again, the training and support of enforcement agents do result in an improving picture for the users of the High Court enforcement system which is real and is not just for “show” on the TV.

Writ of Control

And finally, trained and efficient enforcement agents can do the hard work of spotting vulnerability, asking the right questions about the financial situation of the judgment debtor and make sensible recommendations when the Writ of Control is not going to deliver a cash result. It takes skill, confidence and empathy to walk away when nothing can be achieved, and this again comes from exposure to cases and support from an operational team with over 100 years of working in High Court enforcement.

We look forward to the new decade and our growing capability to measure and manage this important part of the Shergroup brand.


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