Methods of Enforcement | Enforcement of Tribunal Awards

Employment Tribunal Awards and ACAS Settlement Awards can be enforced using a Writ of Control. The Government set up the "The Employment Tribunal Fast Track Scheme” to help people enforce payment of their Award more quickly by transferring it to the High Court for enforcement.

As a result, if you have an Employment Tribunal Award, or if you are advising someone who is in receipt of an Award, you can upload your Award and we can give you a FREE and no-obligation view on what we can do to help you get the full value of the Award back through enforcement.

The Legal Process

The legal process involves converting an Award into an enforcement power using a High Court Writ of Control. This document gives a named High Court Enforcement Officer (our very own Claire Sandbrook) the authority to enter your former employer’s premises and take goods into legal control.

Enforcement Agents working in Claire’s name will seize goods to the value of your Award and ask the paying party for payment in full or a sensible payment plan. If neither can be agreed, any available goods will be removed and sold at public auction or perhaps a private sale, if the goods are particularly rare or valuable. We sell everything from 767’s, to artwork, to the contents of a hairdressing shop so whatever goods we need to sell we will find the best place to sell them.

Points to Note

To take advantage of the scheme your Award must be:

  • Over £600, which may be made up of the amount of the Award, plus the costs and interest which were awarded to you

  • And the Award should be dated no more than 6 years ago – if it is over 6 years then we can apply for an Order to enforce it, but this does add to the upfront cost you have to pay. If you are in this situation you can talk to us about your options and whether it's worth trying to enforce at this late stage. If the person who has to pay the award is still in business, we wouldn’t rule it out!

How to Get the Award Under our Noses!

When you upload your Award into our system our helpful and friendly advisors will get in touch to talk you through our process in more detail. Scan all the paperwork or click a picture of each page in numerical order and upload it to our website.

What We Charge

To use our service a one-time fee of £156.00 is paid. This covers the cost of issuing a High Court Writ, and also our time in managing the process for you.

Even if you have used County Court Bailiffs or another High Court Enforcement Officer and are not satisfied with the results you may want to give our TEAM a try.

What We Do to Enforce Payment

Once we have your instructions, we will start work straight away to transfer your Award into a High Court Writ. This can take several days but we manage the process for you. Then we will issue a High Court Writ of Control based on your Award and send your debtor a Notice of Enforcement. This gives your debtor notice that you have transferred the Award to the High Court Enforcement Officer. This may be enough to make your debtor pay.

If not, then after 7 clear days we will send our enforcement agents to your debtor’s address and start the conversation around paying you or taking goods into legal control.

Keeping You in the Loop

Once we have your instructions, we will do our very best to get your Award processed into a High Court Writ as quickly as possible. We will then be able to organize for our Enforcement Agents to attend at the addresses where goods may be located. Our entire process is designed to help YOU get your money as quickly as possible.

Summing Up

Navigating ACAS and the Employment Tribunal can be stressful and ending up with an Award in your favour is a positive step forward. To move past that and receive the sum the Tribunal says you are due means taking the next step and enforcing the Award.

Whilst this may seem like a long haul, by transferring that process to Shergroup we take the problem off your desk and we take care of it. All you have to do is wait to hear when your employer is going to pay.

If this sounds like a service you need then reach out to us at or call us on 0845 890 9200.

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