CASHFLOW SOLUTIONS | Why Go To The High Court to Enforce The CCJ

In this video, our CEO, Claire Sandbrook, explains to us how you can take advantage of the High Court Enforcement system to compel payment of the CCJ you obtained from the county court or Money Claim online court process.

Over the last 25 years, Claire and her team have pioneered the transfer of judgments from the county court system to the High Court both in Claire’s role as an Under Sheriff, and then in her role as an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer. It what in her role as a Solicitor that she really dug into the Court Rules to find the transfer process buried deep in the county court rules.

Although the procedure was available 25 years ago, very few people used the transfer up process.

Claire and her team breathed new life into the way CCJs, and Possession Orders could be transferred to the High Court, and the rest is Shergroup history.

In building this process, Claire and her team have helped thousands and thousands of claimants to get their money back from the Court system.

What We Do

When you watch the video, you will see Claire explaining how the transfer process works and why she thinks the High Court is a better forum for Judgment Creditors (that’s people who have a judgment in their favour) to get their money.

Claire chooses her High Court Enforcement Agents from the many enforcement agents offering High Court enforcement. As one of the leading architects of the current system, Claire and her team know what they look for in an enforcement agent panel member. They have to be able to enforce a Writ of Control, following strict protocols, and with an ability to convince the Judgment Debtor to pay the judgment debt in full, or make a sensible arrangement.

By picking enforcement agents with charisma, professionalism and a certain “sparkle”, the outcome is a positive one for Shergroup clients. They will know that we as a national team have done everything possible to enforce their judgment within the framework of the statutory provisions and Government guidelines.

In this video, Claire talks about choosing High Court Enforcement Officers over County Court Bailiffs and opting to use our transfer service rather than the standard Warrant of Control.

Summing Up

When it comes to collecting money from people who really don’t want to pay until compelled to do so there is no better friend to business than Shergroup.

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