Hire a Data Entry Clerk for Speed, Accuracy, and Patience!

Getting accurate data into systems with speed and accuracy is an underestimated skill. And yet the success of a business to harness its data is becoming increasingly important in key functions including marketing, sales, and finance.

Companies have a whole wide range of data, records, and information, that if manipulated and accessed unwisely can lead to inaccuracies and also discrepancies within the company’s process. If we go by the numbers, the data entry industry generates over $4 billion every year in the United States with over 35,000 people employed for the position.

Legacy systems contain valuable data that needs to be mined and brought into line with cloud-based systems. The task of organizing and cleaning up old data sources takes the skills of speed and accuracy, combined with another underestimated skill - the one of patience. We say this as it takes time to bring systems into line. We would go so far as to say it's almost like yoga - you have to layer your movements to become more supple - and in a way organizing old data needs that same measured approach.

Tackling stacks of old data can seem overwhelming but instead, we encourage you to take a different approach. It needs a systematic method to get the data organized, updated, and uploaded into its new home.

Data entry provides a sense of smooth processing and management. Hiring the right person for the job can prove to be a valuable asset for your organization. So's here are some tips on how to hire a data entry clerk for your business, |

A data entry clerk is a staff member who is responsible for entering or updating your organization’s data into a computer system which is usually entered from (paper documents, tangible records) using a keyboard, keywords and special characters at times.

Data Entry is also associated with entering and updating information into an organization's database in various data entry forms.,

Job descriptions for operators can be niche and include roles such as Online Data Entry, Offline Data Entry, Specialized Data Entry, Transcription work, and Translation tasks.

As such outsourcing, the job is a smart step so as to get some not-so-obvious benefits |

  • Access to the best of talent around the globe for speed, accuracy, and patience!

  • Focus on core goals and competency

  • Effective partnership

  • Access to smart technology systems

  • Minimal operational costs

  • Competitive benefits

  • Effective productivity

  • Risk Mitigation

Here we have suggested some measures that are meant to be kept in check of if you are planning to hire a data entry clerk ahead-

  1. Knowledge: As and because data entry clerks spend most of their time behind the screen dealing with key software systems and high technology computer machines, knowledge of excel, CRM etc. and the process of accessing are vital skills

  2. Typing speed: Most large companies look for candidates with a typing speed of 50wpm-70wpm so that get the job done in no time. A data entry clerk needs to get through a high volume of data!

  3. Skills: Written and verbal skills are a must that be a trait of a data entry clerk, because in the case of a transcriptionist, translator, handling inbound calls, chats, etc. these skills are front and center what the job is about

  4. Comprehensive: A data entry clerk while usually is involved working mechanically, must also have a hawk-eye to spot errors or erroneous entries - inaccuracy is one of the major concerns and issues faced by businesses when it comes to data entry

  5. Time Management: A data entry clerk must always keep a check on time management and organizational skills and be willing to flip between priorities to get the job done!

Though it seems vital, it can prove to be a hassle for any organization to go headhunting in the marketplace for the right fit and that's when Shergroup can come to your aid. We find the candidates with all these skills to put forward to you as meeting your job description. How do we know this? Because we have data entry specialists working in Shergroup today working on our operations and building our data sets.

Contact our Business Solutions Advisors to discuss your exact requirements - remember we're Minding Your Business - whenever you need us!

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