Make the smart move | Hire a legal assistant!

From supporting lawyers, drafting and recording documents and legal papers, conducting legal research to maintenance and organization of files. A legal assistant does it all. Using innovative technology including computer software so as to keep a check on the data and documents, an LA is also responsible for using electronic database management for digital discovery related to the trial.

The roles and responsibilities of a legal assistant

The roles and responsibilities of a legal assistant can prove beneficial for your law firm or as part of your in-house legal team. Just think of the tasks you can delegate such as :

  • Investigation and researching so as to ensure the use of relevant information

  • Organizing, analyzing, maintaining, and keep a record of all the legal information

  • Maintaining financial records, billing clients, and tracking hours

  • Developing written statements using modern technology

  • Securing affidavits and drafting legal documents for lawsuits

  • Researching legal records collected in computer databases

  • Supporting and assisting attorneys in trials

  • Establishing trust funds and planning estates

The advantages of hiring a legal assistant

As an organization, if you take the step and hire a legal assistant, you would see an upside in your team including |

Increased Knowledge and Experience: A legal assistant is another trained resource to help you scale up your legal knowledge of both law and procedure

Team Productivity: More team members who are trained and able to the right level for your business, mean you can take on more work which in turn leads to more chargeable jobs or time

Cost-effectiveness: Usually legal assistants can be charged out at far lower rates which means you have happy clients

Keen Minds and Dedication: Legal professionals need to stay on top of their game, and so legal assistants can bring that keen mind and dedication to their role at a much lower cost

So if you are looking to hire a legal assistant for your organization let Shergroup do the "legwork" and find the right person for your TEAM.

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