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Updated: Jan 28

Many roles and positions when come and work together make a successful organization and a “legal transcriptionist” is one position you’d focus on filling in so that to have a stronghold on your legal matters the best way possible. A legal transcriptionist listens to the dictated recordings and statements in courtrooms made by attorneys, paralegals, judges or magistrates and then transcribes them into a legal document, which is a predominant job to be kept in check of. The documents are prepared in a specific way so that to make it accessible to the information or statements for the legal professionals in no time.

What is Legal Transcription?

Legal transcription is vital for lawyers as they go through and keep a check on legal statements and procedures to a great extent and the number is too much to be handled the other way. The growth of legal transcription industry is ever-growing and the businesses are opting for the same as and because the services associated with it are professionally reliable. Transcription of legal correspondence, briefs, keeping a track of client’s letter, inducting interrogations, official court hearings, and involvement in testimonies and depositions is a difficult task and does need professional help.

Outsource Legal Transcription Services

Outsourcing of than hiring a person for transcriptions has proved beneficial to many firms as the time, money and energy that it would require might make you keep an eye off the organization’s motto and main targets and goals. Moreover, you can always pay for particular projects, assignments or cases to a legal transcriptionist rather than hiring a full-time person which would save you capital and associated service expenses.

The benefits of hiring a professional transcriptionist, the list is suggested below:

  1. Accuracy: As an organization, targeting to save money, you might try and delegate the job to maybe a fast typist or a bilingual employee, but a professional would execute the task much accurately as he would be aware of both the sides of the coin and error-free files would make it all easier for you legally. And indeed, uploading and accessing a legal document is easier than ever and sharing the file is likewise easier and quicker.

  2. Efficiency: A professional would always get the job done with much less time taken, and in case you opt to outsource the job, you can then focus on your organizational goals and targets and also reveal your time expectations for better results. An expert would get the job done in much less time and efficiently if supported and suggested wisely. He also supports with the audio and video recordings presented as evidence which proves useful for legal professionals involved in hearing or trial, thus, reducing the risk of misinterpretation.

  3. Versatility: With hiring a legal transcriptionist, you not only can record the legal hearings in the courtrooms but can also avail versatility and grow your business online on platforms regarding the products, services and more with the files produced by the transcriptionist. It can help you reach more people, or you can also maintain a record of the meetings, calls, projects and more.

  4. Accessibility: A legal transcriptionist provides with a particular document format for attorneys containing time stamps, event’s timeline and flow of information which then proves vital in finding inconsistencies in witness testimonies. In any case, the family members are not able to attend or be present during the hearing or trial or speak any other language, the legal transcriptions can be translated according to so that they can understand and gulp in of all that happened in the court session.

In any case, you are looking further to hire a legal transcriptionist for your organization, we here at Shergroup are more than happy to assist you and provide you with the same. Working in the industry for 40 years now, we have satisfied hundreds of clients and looking forward to providing you with our business solutions services the same way. Do get in touch with us so as to know more.

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