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Updated: Mar 5

Design is the intelligence made visible. Indeed, content is the king but to present and showcase the same is as essential at anything else to grow for an organization. To be apt, your website’s design can indeed play a vital role in engaging, inviting and attracting customers around the globe to a great extent.

No matter what genre of a business you are running, your website’s design can make you corner the market on a literal basis. You shall definitely lose a lot of people if your website is not user-friendly, has outdated information or the content presentation is too poor to be accessed. In this modern era, while everyone has their eyes and fingers on the social platforms, it is a must to keep a check on your website and online content to let your business grow the smart way.

Talking of the statistics, 38% of visitors shall stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive or dull. And no developing business would want that. Not just this, but according to studies 2020-2021, in determining a business's credibility 48% of people have cited a website’s design to be one of the foremost factors and 89% of consumers shop with competitors after going through bad or unsatisfying experience. Hiring a website designer will add value to your firm.

Website designing includes numerous skills and disciplines in the production, creation and maintenance of websites. It also includes web graphic design, user experience design, search engine optimization, appearance, layout and sometimes also the content of the website is managed and handles by a website designer for your firm.

Shergroup has been keeping a check on the most demanded, preferred and fit for the job kind of web designers and now is ready to provide you with the one. We have now been meeting the needs of our community of clients for 40 years and developing our traditional business into “we mind your business”.

As you know, as a result of the pandemic, the number of online consumers is increasing every day and nearly each and every person looks for services and products online because of being impacted in some shape or form by COVID. So, we make sure that your business is seen and appreciated the way it should.

We keep in mind the basic requirement and questions that matters like:

  • What other or related services can a web designer provide?

  • If he/she holds specialization in a particular industry?

  • And of course, the numbers of years (experience) matter.

  • How many landing pages will be there on the website if given authority?

  • What is the primary plan or idea to proceed with?

  • Can you showcase your portfolio for the best results?

These and many more factors are on our list to provide you with the best of applicants and employee as per your needs. If you are looking to grow and make your business be seen around the globe. Do get in touch with us and we’ll let you know all about it in no time.

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