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Updated: Jan 8

We think the answer to this question is yes and this is borne out by the number of people we are talking to in Central Florida about their security needs.

An article caught our eye with a big old castle and the drawbridge which is a throwback to the days of kings and sheriffs all riding around trying to catch Robin Hood (see And it is this wonderful heritage that Shergroup enjoys as the original Sheriffs starting off in London, England in about 1780.

In 2007 Shergroup started its dedicated security division in London to stop trespassers entering sensitive buildings. This led us to move our operation to Orlando – as the CEO and her family wanted to live in this part of the world rather than just come on vacation. And in that time, Orlando has flourished as a growing US metropolis.

With growth comes the need to protect both property and citizens, and this article identifies a need for consumers of security services to want to be safe in their communities. This is no surprise to us of course – but it may be a surprise to property managers who have to juggle the need for security with the annual budget.

So, it makes sense for Shergroup to develop its security offering to include cameras and access controls so that we can work with clients of different sizes and approach. Security is not a one size fits all. As a consulting firm what we do is develop a solution that is right for our client and the consumers of security services i.e. the residents. Whilst some clients still want the age-old solution of a guard, technology gives us more scope to offer round the clock security which is cost effective and smart. And whilst some of this tech may seem a tad “Star Trekky” (to quote from the article), we think Scotty, Kirk and Spock would approve of the need to create force-fields which keep out the bad guys.

If you are looking to update or review your security plan for your apartment building or community, we would love to talk to you about your options.


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