Keyword Optimization: The Secret of Doubling Website Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital digital marketing tool used for optimizing a website or web content to improve the site's visibility for relevant searches. Simply put, you need an SEO strategy for your organisation. It will drive visibility and draw quality traffic to your website. But how do you get an SEO strategy? Honestly, when we started to really focus on this aspect of our digital marketing it was something like a Harry Potter “dark art”. So, we dug in to find our own way through to create our own “SEO magic”. And after 6 months our traffic has increased by X%.

This enhanced visibility helps our site in bringing in potential and existing customers to Shergroup’s universe. Now we want to do the same for your business!

Let’s Unpack the Dark Art of SEO The crawlers of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing go out and crawl through the web pages, These crawlers collect all the relevant information they can find on the internet and build an index. This index is then scanned by the search engine algorithms considering hundreds of ranking factors. From all this data the appropriate page order is determined in the search results for a generated query. This practice leads to delivering results on search engine pages that are relevant and of high quality.

Essentials of Keyword Optimization

The selection of the right keywords is a big factor to achieve site optimization. Keyword analysis tools help SEO experts to pick the right keywords in what seems an almost impossible task. If you are struggling with this aspect of your website build, we can help you build an SEO pick list of keywords that will work for your organisation. The keywords are weaved into all your content to ensure higher traffic flows to your website and leads to a higher Google ranking. Getting ranked on Google on Page 1 for the keywords that drive your business forward is the unpacking of the dark art of SEO.

Every day a search engine encounters millions of queries in form of various keyword combinations, practically it’s impossible to target all the keywords. Keyword research determines which keywords to choose and creates content to best help your business goals and target relevant traffic.

One crucial aspect to keep in mind when you're planning to optimize your site content is to focus on one keyword per post. It helps Google in understanding the topic of your post, keyword, and its importance in the content.

Our 7 Top SEO Tips

#1 Title Tag

The first thing that is searched by a search engine on any website is the title tag. Your targeted keyword must be integrated into the page title tag which is relevant to your service. The page title tag is one of the most vital pieces of content on your website, so choose it wisely.

#2 Links: