Need a Plane Seized?

For over 40 years Shergroup has been entrusted with the seizure and disposal of aircraft in all shapes and sizes as part of its official duties as High Court enforcement professionals.

Aircraft can become the focus of a court action when a debt is not paid, and the creditor needs to seize assets to either create enough leverage to compel payment or simply to sell the asset to raise the money due under the Court’s judgment.

In this video, we show you how Shergroup’s High Court enforcement division, locates an aircraft at Luton Airport in the jurisdiction of the English High Court. The High Court Enforcement Officer, Shergroup’s CEO and Founder, Claire Sandbrook is being interviewed on the background to the matter and how as a result she was instructed to seize the jet.

In arriving at the airport to check on the parking arrangements for the plane, which was a Gulfstream, she was met with a parking bill for £90,000 which had to be met out of the eventual payment of $7.6M. The judgment debt was settled in full by the Judgment Debtor by transferring funds to Shergroup’s bank account in the UK.

Whilst on the ground, the aircraft has to be surveyed by an expert aviation engineer and have its documentation and maintenance records checked. Any signs of damage or wear and tear were fully recorded so that the aircraft could be handed back in exactly the same condition as it arrived.

Complex assets require more sophisticated approaches in management and handling. Claire, as the High Court Enforcement Officer, has a duty to take care of any controlled goods, and must have a network of contacts who can do that for her and her team. Over the years Shergroup has built an impressive array of insurers, engineers, maintenance, and airport contacts who will support this type of operation.

Working with or without a High Court Writ of Control, Shergroup’s aviation expertise is second to none in the High Court enforcement industry. Shergroup has extended its services to aircraft repossession and can provide flight crew to move aircraft to safe locations if repossession is needed.

In this news reel, Claire explains the complexity of how an aircraft is seized and the power of a High Court Writ of Control in such situations. She is available to advise creditors looking to repossess aircraft on what can and cannot be done and her advice is backed up by expert lawyers and insurers, and Counsel where applications need to be made in haste.

If you find yourself faced with a need to seize an aircraft to pay a debt or to repossess the asset then contact Claire Sandbrook directly at or find us at and chat to our TEAM.

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