How Easy It Is To Use Shergroup’s “NO COLLECT NO FEE” Service

Watch Claire Sandbrook, a seasoned credit professional, talking about how easy it is to get your business invoices paid, by either collecting them yourself or outsourcing them to Shergroup’s No Collect No Fee service on our Cashflow Solutions hub. You can find her on YOUTUBE at this link -

Claire is a leading author on the topics of “Debt Recovery Through the Courts” and “Enforcement of a Judgment”, and has served on numerous Government committees when it comes to getting to the heart of the debt recovery works from start to finish.

She brings all that experience into her own brand, so when you talk to us about your situation, we have Claire and all her experience right here in our own TEAM.

In this short video, Claire dispels the myth that you need to use a solicitor to collect your business debts. As Claire explains it is so easy now to collect your outstanding invoices yourself by getting a Money Claim Online account and setting up an account as you would for Tesco’s.

But you will still have to pay a court fee which goes up depending on the size of the debt. So perhaps rather than going down this road, you can look at Shergroup’s No Collect, No Fee service we mean just that. Unless we collect on your debt then it doesn’t cost you a bean.

So, you may be asking, “where’s the catch?”. The answer is that we charge a commission on what we collect – but there is no set up fee, no investment by you other than a moment to upload your invoice(s) to us to get started.

In fact, many of our clients start with our “No Collect No Fee” Solution, where they hand over a debt or a series of debts to us and we run their collection for them. It's easy, it has no big outlay, and they can soon start to see the response, or not, from their debtor which will help them decide if they want to escalate the collection process.

We also look at the terms of business for our clients to make sure they update them so that collection costs can be added to the invoice so that this entire cost of collecting the debt falls on the defaulting customers.

Our Process

Our process is consistent, and we think importantly, persistent, in working to get you paid. We achieved FCA Authorisation for our collection process some years ago and we maintain the same approach across all our collection strategies.

So, by using a combination of letters, phone calls, and all the other channels such as FB and Insta, we are able to connect with the people who owe you money.

As we do so we are able to explain what is owed and hear your debtor’s side of the story. Depending on how this progresses we can either get you paid or recommend that you escalate the collection process into a legal claim.

Legal claims are handled by our sister company, Shergroup Legal. You will keep the same Business Solutions Advisor throughout our process, and they will give you regular updates and support you on your collection journey.

If we have to further, then again, we draw on Claire’s long career in enforcement as she is our very own High Court Enforcement Officer. This means our capability stretches further than most debt collection agencies, debt recovery solicitors, and credit controllers. We have the power to turn up at the door of a debtor and take legal control of goods to compel payment.

Of course, we hope it won’t get that far, but if it does, we will keep you briefed every step of the way to ensure you get the best possible outcomes.

Types of clients who use our collection/legal/enforcement service include insurance companies, commercial and private landlords, local authorities, manufacturers, solicitors, accountants, and other professional practices, and a wide selection of businesses who need their B2B debts collected.

Summing Up

To get you comfortable using this service why not set up a call with one of the Business Solution Advisors for a FREE and no-obligation chat.

You can reach them on 0845 890 9200 and through our hub at They are also on all our social media channels so reach out on whatever channel is easiest for you.

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