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Today we celebrate being a women-led business in all solutions. We applaud all women in the workplace as they drive themselves forward driving their businesses forward for themselves, for their families and their extended business family. Women bring something special to the workplace and now in this century it is being recognized and celebrated.

There could of course be an international men’s day, but the fact is women are catching up on millennia of being mothers and homemakers. In more recent human history these vital roles are being combined, or abandoned, by women for them to make their own life choices about how they live their lives.

Women use their choices today about how they live their lives and how they earn their living. This is a fantastic move forward in human history. Women are finding themselves at the top of computing, engineering, medicine, the law, and politics. The future of women as astronauts and working in space is now becoming a reality.

The UK has now had two women Prime Ministers and we almost had a woman lead the United States of America. The US’s position has improved with the election of a woman VP, and it is only a matter of time when a woman steps forward to take the Presidential Oath. So that glass ceiling is now on the horizon to be smashed – the day when a woman is in charge of the nuclear codes of the free world.

In the world of commerce, women can decide if they want to be employed, or be the employer. They can set up a business in a few simple steps and start to sell their product or service on the internet. At the same time, they may decide to have a family or go travelling, or just start another business so that they have more than one business running. They may be carers, mothers, free spirits or determined entrepreneurs. The great thing is that whatever they want to be, they have the opportunity in so many countries.

They can use their skills to add value to a larger organisation, pick up more skills, and then move on to set up their own shop. Freed from the commute of going to a place of work, women can offer their skills and expertise across the world from their own home, with or without being a parent.

In Shergroup itself we look to support women in front line roles in High Court enforcement and security. Both industries are dominated by men, which has been a by-product of history, but which we are doing our bit to change.

History evolves and Shergroup looks to level up the roles of men and women. Our CEO, Claire Sandbrook, was the first woman in the history of the Shrievalty of England and Wales to be appointed as Under Sheriff of an entire county. That took a millennium. She was also the first, and the only woman to chair the High Court Enforcement Officers Association. In this role, she was able to set up the plan for the educational pathway for High Court Enforcement Officers, and Certificated Enforcement Agents.

Today, Claire leads a team of accomplished women in senior roles in Shergroup who between them have clocked up over 100 operational years in the world of High Court enforcement, and are delivering an entire set of business solutions integrated to support our growing community.

We continue to support women who want to be front and centre in the enforcement of a High Court Writ of Control or a Writ of Possession. We want to hear from women who want to lead in all our solutions. In security officer roles, women are still showing as less than 50% of the number of officers so we want to see this percentage increase.

In writing this blog we remember that there are many women who still suffer in cruel regimes to treat them as second citizens, where they do not have the freedoms that should have as human beings.

For those women and the women who come behind them, we take heart that the world of women is changing and days like today heighten their plight. In the centuries ahead there must be parity of opportunity for all humans. It may get us more decades to get to that utopia but while we are here today, we can all do our bit to recognize and support women as 50% of our planet’s population.

If you would like to know about more roles for women both in Shergroup and through our recruitment solutions, please visit and subscribe to our website. You can also reach out to us at and message us on any of the usual social media channels.

Our final message to all our subscribers is “GO GIRLS”, you’re wonderful, interesting, caring, ingenious and courageous – never let anyone tell you different!

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