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Updated: Mar 5

Outsourcing is here to stick around in the industry and the ongoing pandemic has given it a raise to a great extent, the market size of the industry of outsourcing 2020 in the US is around $132.9 billion and that is indeed a great number and has entirely changed the scenario for businesses and out in the open.

Whether small scale business or a megacorp, everyone has been opting for outsourcing every next day to grow and sail smoothly in the marketplace, it is now intended to be the smart and easiest way to get the job done without much hustle and bustle. Outsourcing to be apt can be said as an agreement between two organizations and the services and jobs are farmed out, where one hires the other to be responsible and in charge of executions of pre-planned projects or activities by transferring assets at times. Thus, it holds benefits and advantages that are inevitable so as to have an upper hand while competing.

The advantages of outsourcing, some are listed down below:

  • Cost-effective: Outsourcing has been proved to be cost-effective as the costs of office spaces, software systems, personnel etc. It does save your capital from benefits to the training of the employee and it is found out that 66% of big firms are more likely to outsource than small businesses.

  • Increased efficiency: When you opt to outsource your projects and tasks to specialists and job experts, the results are error-free and just as expected saving you time and cost of training or service description sessions. And it is found that 20.24% of small businesses opt for outsourcing because of the same reason.

  • Variable-capacity: As an organization, you can choose to work with numerous employees around the globe, holding a particular skill set, thus expanding your business to an extent.

  • Delegation: Outsourcing helps to maintain operational control as you can always focus on core competencies and there’s no need to keeping an eye on all for the same. According to studies, 13.36% of workers in the US are a part of the gig economy (made of freelancers or contract-based employees).

  • Accessible skills: It gives you the choice and authority to hire employee according to your own preference and job type, or skill experts from and around the world at an easier pace.

  • Staff flexibility: Saving you from the hassle, it is the job of the outsources contract partner to assist and handle the staff members if they face any problems and have never-ending questions in any case.

  • Continuity and risk management: In every manner, outsourcing makes continuity fair and trouble-free for your organization, as there will always be active participants and employees looking forward to work for you from every corner which ultimately leads to risk management to some extent.

We here at Shergroup believe in outsourcing without a doubt, we have been in the marketplace for over 40 years now and have been pleasing our clients providing them with the best of business solutions and associated services. We indeed have been working through outsourcing with employees from India, South Africa, US, UK and more. Thus, we know exactly what can help you when in need of the same.

Do get in touch with us through email or ring our bell, so as to let us assist you to hire the best of professionals, subject matter experts and dedicated employees who would prove to an asset for your organization.

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