Multiply Your Sales TEAM Performance with Sales Coaching

The concept of sales is driven by a healthy and positive state of mind, floundering over the figures will not help you push them forward. Instead, a well-conceived marketing strategy together with strong business acumen will lead you to results.

"If you are not happy right now, then it is very unlikely you are going to be happy when you have doubled your sales and you are not going to be happy while you are on your way to achieving that goal. Unhappy people tend to be non-positive, less inclined to action and often tend to see the worst in every situation rather than the best", says expert sales coach, Bruce King.

Bruce King Sales Coaching

This is where ‘Sales Coaching’ comes into play. Sales Coaching as explained by world-class sales coach and writer, Bruce King is the practice of reinforcing positive behavior, improving performance, and achieving goals. Typically, part of every salesperson’s daily or weekly routine, sales coaching is focused on helping team members self-assess and self-discover skills and techniques to solve a problem rather than numbers.

Common Objectives of Sales Coaching

1. Assess areas of improvement

2. Achieve behavior change

3. Provide constructive feedback

4. Boost self-confidence and motivation

5. Expand knowledge and skills

6. Develop a healthy bondy

The purpose of sales coaching is to create a positive environment where every salesperson in your team feels excited, motivated to grow and excel, feels responsible and looks forward to overcoming challenges that may arise. Check out this video by Bruce King on Sales coaching as part of developing your know-how in this area of your business |


The Benefits of Sales Coaching

Concentrating solely on results is not going to take you forward as we discussed in the beginning. It is about developing skills in learning and behavioral change; numbers only tell half the story they will only indicate where there is success or pain. The benefit of building a sales coaching culture will truly be reaped when the real problem is tackled smartly, and numbers are not the only criteria for coaching your sales TEAM to achieve more.