5 Ways to Secure your Vacant Property

As a property owner at some point or another, it may not be possible to keep your property always occupied. Whether you are between tenants or planning to sell, or it is due to recent renovation a vacant property can bear significant risk. Void and unprotected properties are at a greater risk of being targeted for theft, vandalism, and squatting, so you need to align your safety measure to deter these threats and protect your vacant property.

Hiring a security company offering vacant property security services can be a great start to solving this issue. Shergroup is a premier security service provider and goes all out in making sure that our client gets the worth of each penny spent on our services. Let us present you here with some of our security solutions for your vacant properties –

1. CCTV Monitoring

Installing CCTV cameras to keep an eye on your property can be a good option to secure your empty property. CCTVs will not only act as a deterrent, but any footage of break-in or theft could also be a shred of valuable evidence should you end up prosecuting in court.

2. Monitored Alarms

Installing an alarm is a highly effective solution that you can use to protect your vacant property. The typical alarms today come with infra-red movement sensors and video cameras that gets connected to your devices through the internet. The moment these alarms detect motion they begin recording immediately and send you the footage, so appropriate and immediate action can be taken.

3. Steel Doors and Security Screens

Steel doors and security screens are a must to invest in for vacant property security. Securing your main entrance with a sturdy and durable steel door is an effective alternative to plywood and keeps the trespassers out of your property. Coded Steel doors ensure unmatched security and guided access as needed.

On the other hand, security screens protect vacant properties by covering the windows with their robust galvanized steel construction which offers durability and strength. The fixing process ensures the screens are fitted without causing the slightest damage to the window glass.

4. Security Guards

One way to prevent burglary, vandalism, and squatting on your empty property is to hire a manned security officer. Security officers primarily protect the key access points to a building such as the gates, doorways, so that no one intrudes on your property. Manned guarding can also check for blind spots that are not covered by t