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Updated: May 13

Security services are undoubtedly an important component in keeping us and our surroundings safe. Usually, a security guard works for a security company that gets hired by clients to safeguard their assets like property, equipment, people, or money against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and illegal activity. Security guards can be armed, unarmed, using specialized equipment and skills to do their jobs. While patrolling security guards can use various types of digital equipment for safeguarding like CCTV, Motion Sensors, Alarms, etc. The level of security services is defined by the prerequisites assigned by the client to the agency.

Primary Responsibilities of a Security Guard

The foremost responsibility of a security officer is to prevent any kind of mishap or loss occurring on a site. If an incident occurs their role is to call law enforcement and observe the incident until the authorities arrive.

Security officers have 3 key responsibilities in their role which establishes their presence on any site at any time. These are |

1. Visibility & Vigilance

One simple rule a security officer has to abide by is just to be visible. It's unlikely that an area that is physically guarded by an active security officer will be targeted for any illegal activity. Half the battle is won if the criminals are deterred by the presence of a vigilant security guard. For guards to be effective in their duties they need to be diligent in carrying out the site instructions which have already been agreed upon with the client

2. Reflexes and Responses

A guard with a strong presence of mind and sharp reflexes will pick up on anything unusual quickly and come back with the best response. Having said that a security guard needs to know when to call out for help to take control of a tense situation and involve the police for assistance.

3. Monitoring and Maintaining Order

Nobody can predict a forthcoming crisis; a security officer can ensure that things stay safe and uneventful on a day-to-day basis. They have to be on their toes keeping a tight check on the visitors, patrolling the area, reviewing the log entries, observe the area through CCTV, and reporting any unusual activities. In short making sure everything runs smoothly around them.

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