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Updated: Mar 24

As those of us who have the privilege to live and work in Central Florida will know, Orlando and its environs are booming with construction activity. In a post COVID world, the momentum of change will only increase as Orlando and indeed the State of Florida enjoys new industries and technologies moving south. Florida seems to become a haven for folks who want to escape big city life – and shift to ….. Miami. OK, well that’s a big city too but it does have sunshine pretty much 365 days a year!

Of course, it will take time for the world to adjust to outcomes from the pandemic but life will go on. Florida has the most impressive tourism industry on the planet – which is going to help it kickstart its way out of the COVID crisis. That’s a blessing for everyone living in Florida today and for the US as a whole.

Insights & Analytics

For us here at Shergroup we have joined the Orlando Chapter of BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) which enables us to talk to fellow members and find out how they are faring in this challenging time.

It is clear from these conversations, and a big thank you to everyone who has engaged with us, that buyers of security services are sharpening their pencils when it comes to yearly budgets. No surprise there. Buyers of security are looking for value-adds and personable experienced officers who can handle their site with maturity and proportionate responses. Buyers want their security vendor to be a partner and to care about their property as much as they do. We personally think this is a vital ingredient in building relationships which for security have to be built on TRUST.

The SHERPA Platform

Shergroup just took a step forward in its own growth plans with the implementation of a fully online upgrade to its security patrol and management systems. Shergroup Officers are now working with an App to record their attendances, take photos, and record the coordinates of their patrol, using a Smartphone kept on their person.

Our supervisors are able to monitor any underperformance with their own version on the same platform, which leads to data underpinning decisions on performance.

From our ADMIN center we are able to post Daily Activity Reports (DARS) and Incident Reports in virtually real-time, which are quality controlled to ensure all the relevant information is included in a good standard of written English or Spanish.

As a leadership team, we are able to dig into this data to spot trends, such as sites with recurring incidents, trespassing issues or homelessness. We can then work with local police officers to get these issues squared away.

And we are pleased to say despite the investment in this tech we have been able to keep our prices keen and fair with no significant increase for our customers.

We are now tying this data into our SHERPA Portal which will enable you to see what is going on at your site in real-time, and with reports on your desktop or other devices.

Summing Up

We are committed to building a security company that cares about the solutions it offers its clients – and as a result of technology, we are able to scale up our offerings in a number of new and exciting ways. Our SHERPA platform is at the heart of what we do and more will follow on that in the weeks and months ahead.

For now why not set up a call to chat with us about your current security requirements and let’s see if we can make a difference. We would love to hear from you. Finally, we hope wherever you are, you are in a good place, your business is good and you can see sunshine somewhere in your life!

God Bless Florida | God Bless America!

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