Creating a “Secured Culture”

Updated: May 14

Vacant properties are vulnerable and quickly catch the attention of trespassers often inviting trouble for the property owner. These properties become an easy target for criminals, vandals, and squatters. Trespass by whatever means can result in stripping the building of the copper pipes, internal wiring, and other valuables. The cost of rectifying these issues can be significant involving legal and repair services. So, let us waste no time in addressing the fact that keeping your premises secured from unwanted criminal trespassers and intruders is essential. So let us introduce you to Shergroup Security screening services.

Shergroup Security Screening Solutions

Shergroup is an established security service provider and offers an on-site thorough risk assessment of your property to help you with the security service you need to keep your property theft and damage-free. The security screening service offered by Shergroup is a cost-effective solution to secure a vacant property against hiring security guards, installing CCTV systems, or getting bolted steel doors which dramatically increase the maintenance costs.

Traditionally used by the High Court Enforcement Officer team, the security screening solution entered our portfolio of business solutions to secure properties after we had evicted the occupants under a Writ of Possession. In adding this service to our client’s options, we were anticipating the risk of re-entry of the trespasser's post-eviction If this is going to happen, in our experience, within 48 hours of the eviction taking place.

Why should you Opt for Steel Security Screens?

The steel security screens used by Shergroup are highly recommended not just because they are unique but because they are cost-effective for long-term use, and better at protecting property with their robust galvanised steel construction. This offers durability and strength to the screening product making it harder to penetrate. Our professional installation techniques ensure that the pre-fabricated steel screens can be fitted without causing any damage to the window glass. In addition to this, these steel security screens can be easily cut into different shapes and sizes offering a custom fit for the site.

The Return on Investment

Shergroup charges an installation fee and then a weekly rental for a minimum of 12 weeks. . Screening in the right environment is a low-cost security deterrent. Timely on-site inspections of the property keep it risk-free from vandalism and trespass and prevent squatters from getting in.

Summing Up

What we do say about this solution is not to wait until you have a problem choosing to screen.