Shergroup News | Shergroup Joins Property118

Shergroup led by CEO | Founder Claire Sandbrook has entered into a sponsorship agreement with Property is one of the most recognised online directories and tax consultancy for UK property investors, landlords and recommended trades and professions to share insights, reviews, contacts, testimonials, and the latest bulletins for the active property watchers. Shergroup wants to mobilise this property-focused industry on Shergroup’s unique history as being both Sheriffs and problem solvers on wider business topics.

So, it only took one email from Mark Alexander, the founder of Property118 to Claire’s mailbox, for Claire to jump on board with this fantastic opportunity to promote the Shergroup brand to property professionals far and wide.

Going Beyond Enforcement

Since 2003 Shergroup has been building its brand as a Sheriff business which has widened its boundaries of operation to encompass its history as the oldest Sheriff’s Office in the UK. Driven by Claire Sandbrook’s vision to diversify the Sheriff brand into a business that can help businesses and entrepreneurs to scale their business, Shergroup has added a series of business solutions to its portfolio of services.

This spectrum of services is tough at one end with Claire holding the main licence to take control of goods, and retake possession of land and premises. In providing these types of service, Shergroup has an extensive toolbox, covering enforcement, security, and legal solutions. Shergroup can evict protestors from World Heritage sites such as Parliament Square, dig trespassers out of tunnels and pick them out of trees. It can seize and impound aircraft on the ground and frequently does so. It can enforce a court judgment for £600 or evict a residential tenant from the landlord’s property.

At the other end of the spectrum, Shergroup’s community can use outsourcing and recruitment services, and now Shergroup’s marketing and sales solutions.

Multi-Solution Delivery

Operationally Shergroup has layered up its capabilities, to build on the foundation of its work as Sheriffs to create a multi-solution delivery hub of connected services. Shergroup has trailblazed in adding solutions into its heritage so now property professionals can recover possession, put in security, clean the property, and stop trespassers coming back. It’s a growing one-stop shop of services.

Cashflow Solutions

Writs of Possession sit side by side with Writs of Control, which are also available to landlords through Shergroup’s cashflow solutions.