Tampons Be Gone! Did Someone Read Our Post?

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Do you recall the story we shared about the female attorney who wrote about her experience of being searched at a Court titled “Dear HMCTS, Tampons Aren’t Dangerous”?

As Shergroup has a woman CEO, Claire Sandbrook, and a number of women in its leadership team it seemed to us we should comment on this appalling situation…

We were very pleased to read today, that Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) is streamlining its security procedures to allow registered legal professionals fast access to court buildings – see http://bit.ly/30hegca.

This development comes in the wake of a recent report in English Law Society’s Gazette that overzealous security checks had led to a lady lawyer having her bag emptied with her personal hygiene products in full view of the line of people behind her

So, in the light of this week’s report, we hope she’ll be joining this scheme, along with the thousands of women legal professionals who have things in their bags which they don’t particularly want to put on public view!

As it is, the scheme is something similar to the scheme at US airports where travelers are pre-screened and allowed to fast track through airport security.

So, the decision to allow registered legal professionals to access court buildings without the usual security and bag search checks is welcome and begs the question where else this sort of scheme can be deployed?  Security is vital in so many situations now – but how can measures be adapted to help more people who need to be screened but need it done quickly?  Hospitals, schools, government buildings – these must be just a few of the venues where fast track security would be welcomed by regular users.