Enforce Employment Tribunal | How To Get Your Tribunal or ACAS Award Paid

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Have you been awarded compensation against your former employer, either by an Employment Tribunal basic award or by ACAS? If you have, you might be thinking how on earth are you going to compel payment - particularly if your former employer is feeling a little sore about the fact you won!

Our Service

Well the fact is that we have seen those sorts of cases here at Shergroup and the good news is you are not on your own. From hairdressers who dared to take their prima donna boss to court, through to senior managers who were fired on the spot, and everything in between – if the Tribunal or ACAS protective award claim makes an Award in your favor, we’re here to help you get it.

Whatever the amount, and as long as the Award is not more than 6 years old, we can be in your corner. And the good news is that it costs just £66.00 to start the process and nothing if you are exempt from paying court fees (see https://bit.ly/2CxpHBl).

Employment Tribunal Procedure Rules

You can start the enforcement process as soon as your employer defaults in making the payment. To start the process all you have to do is fill in our simple form and pay the £66.00 court fee online.

And don’t worry if the dog ate your Award, or you lost it! We can apply for a copy for you or you can apply yourself by writing to The Employment Tribunal Public Register at Bury St Edmunds County Court, Triton House, St Andrews Street (N), Suffolk IP33 1TR. You can ring the office on 01284 762 171 if you want to check the situation for yourself.

So, do you have an Award stuck in a drawer, or did you try to enforcement of employment tribunal awards and gave up? You might also be interested to know that interest is running an unpaid Employment Tribunal Award. The interest amount could be significant if your Award has been outstanding for some time. You can request for employment tribunal appeal and employment tribunal claim by filling up employment tribunal application form. It adds up on a daily basis at the rate of 8% per annum. Depending on the type of Award you have, we can calculate the interest for you.

What we do is convert the Tribunal or ACAS Award into a High Court Writ of Control, which gives our High Court Enforcement Officer and her enforcement agents to take legal control of the goods of your former employer. This puts you in the position of a creditor. So, if your former employer refuses to pay your employment tribunal awards unfair dismissal, then goods can be taken to be sold to pay your Award. We can’t guarantee you 100% success but it certainly puts you in the driving seat and gives you a good chance of getting paid quickly.

Our friendly and expert team of Business Solutions Advisors will help you through our process and keep you informed of what’s happening to get your employment tribunal compensation awards or ACAS settlement from all the employment tribunal cases.

So, if you were wondering what to do next, or worried about taking action against your former employer, we’re here to help you achieve a just outcome.


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