5 Video Surveillance Trends to watch out for in 2021

2020 departed spreading a pandemic worldwide leading to social unrest, political divisiveness, unprecedented wildfires and a record-breaking loss of human lives. Considering all this and the fact that Covid-19 still around has lead to an increased interest in customers for the latest video surveillance systems. From business houses to homes the security specialists see 2021 unravelling for the video security industry. 2021 boasts of the intelligent video surveillance, analytics and cloud storage need for building a resilient security strategy.

Significance of Video Surveillance

Security can't be compromised, especially with privacy issues are looming over our heads. Installing a video security system is not just the need of the hour for securing your family and assets but also for the safety of the manpower that plays a vital role in successful business operations. From deterring robbery to detecting purchaser motion patterns, video surveillance structures offer your organization numerous benefits.

Let’s walk through the Video Surveillance and Security Trends of 2021:-

Cloud surveillance

Cloud surveillance simply means all your video security footage is cloud-based and delivered via the internet. This is one of the major surveillance strategy systems used as a crime prevention tool. Numerous benefits hooked up to cloud security like major price savings, heightened information security, versatile storage and retention, measurability, remote access and maintenance, accumulated stability, and disaster recovery.

Analytics and AI security systems for business

Safety requirements are ever-evolving, so video surveillance systems based on AI security systems have become a valuable tool for businesses for keeping their business operations secure and efficient. Security cameras embedded with AI engine is much powerful and delivers better results in comparison to standard analytics solutions. 2021 will see more flexible and intelligent security systems in the form of AI video surveillance.

Compliance requirements

The overall transition in security technology has paved the way for the adoption of video surveillance system universally. Today videos are used by the industries for compliance purposes, regulating their use is becoming more prevalent.

IT department’s greater engaged and very own video surveillance

Video surveillance has become an integral part of the IT industry where IT companies are not just involved in maintaining the video monitoring system but they're dominating the entire show. Much to the dismay of professionals, the IT sectors are leveraging video surveillance for eradicating unnecessary operational overheads and improving the business process.

A well connected and open ecosystem makes it convenient for organizations and developers to integrate as many applications on a single video management system. Be it your phone, fitness tracker, doorbell cam