Wannabe Pro-active instead of Re-active in Your Security Operation? | Introducing “Shergroup Cube”

Shergroup built its security operations by helping clients to stop trespassers coming on to property.  We turned an official position as Sheriffs, into a satellite commercial division in our solutions business.

As such we understand how clients can get trapped into thinking that security is all about reacting to a situation only when it happens instead of planning to and anticipating potential trespass and related events.  If you find yourself and your business in this situation read on ….

Pro-active security comes out of what we like to call “The Shergroup Cube” – completely related to our logo (which incidentally was designed by the same guy who designed the iconic BMW badge).  Like a cube, our security plan for any business has 6 “sides” which gives our clients a

holistic and professional approach to their security planning.  

The Shergroup Cube includes:

  1. Pro-active planning 

  2. Innovative tech

  3. Flexible options

  4. Humans

  5. Artificial Intel (AI)

  6. Right Fit outcomes

When our Cube strategy is engaged, we end up with pro-active security solutions which cover all aspects of any type of situation.  Here’s why ….

1. Pro-active planning: Too often we find clients who just want us to stick guards on a site without thinking about the cost, and the management of this resource – and we want to say there are much more innovative ways to guard property!

2. Innovative tech: We are building our trusted partnerships so we can add into a client’s security plan solutions to provide security which give better coverage and often cut cost.  So, we will review a client’s idea and come up with options to improve the way things are currently done.  Our CCTV solutions are a case in point – we include mobile and solar CCTV Cube platforms.  This tech offers 360-degree coverage of an area from a high vantage point, which in turn supports ground security operations.  Cube platforms can be deployed in remote areas.  Solar power means the need for mains electric and maintenance are minimized.

3. Flexible options: We know our client’s need that all-important flexibility in their security arrangements and we want to offer that.   We listen to what you need, and we build on that.  We are not stuck on just supplying guards.  Shergroup offers all the elements of a security plan – from security officers through to access controls, and K9s.  We are a complete “security shop”.

4. Humans: It’s fair to say humans are a very important part of our company! We choose our partners and officers for their DNA which has to fit first and foremost with Shergroup’ s quest for quality.  We have built our TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) to deliver reliability and consistency of service in all our operations.  Our security officers are chosen for their customer focused skills and ability to communicate in a friendly and professional way.

5. AI: Artificial Intelligence is on our radar here at Shergroup and is part of our Cube strategy.  CCTV is the start and robots are on the horizon.  We may not have all the answers, but we are keeping ahead of the curve on aspect of security development for the benefit of our client communities.

6. Right Fit: Finally and most importantly whatever Cube strategy we build for you and your business it has to be the right fit.  We have seen over the years so many clients suffer from poor security planning and delivery – so we want to make sure Shergroup delivers a different product.

To wrap up ….

Security is a necessity and a cost which needs to be measured.  We like the saying – “What gets measured gets managed” and this is very true of security operations.  The Shergroup Cube approach gives our clients the comfort they need to measure key metrics of security operations and ensure they are getting the service they need within their budget.


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