From A to Z: Get to know all about Paralegal.

Updated: Jan 28

A paralegal is a person who performs specifically delegated legal work such as conducting legal and factual research work, drafting and keeping a check on court documents and correspondence, maintaining files and records, filing papers with the court, reviewing and summarizing legal records and communicating with the clients for which a lawyer is responsible. Paralegals have been proved as an indispensable part of the legal system. Understanding of the law, ability to multitask, organized way of working with excellent research skills are the key features of a paralegal that is looked for, in the marketplace.

Types of paralegals:

  1. Corporate paralegal – who executes their job backstage and review contracts, look for business impropriety and research for regulations.

  2. Estate planning and probate paralegal – are the ones who perform administrative services for a client and also assists in writing wills, distributing and managing property records and working with probate pleadings and deeds.

  3. Family law paralegal – guides families legally through difficult times and mainly are responsible for negotiating childhood custody and support attorneys accordingly.

  4. Government paralegal – They assist and manage record and legal projects for deputy city attorneys or deputy public defenders mainly.

  5. Immigration paralegal – writes legal documents related to immigration, and are a part of strategy sessions or gather information to prove the client’s eligibility at some level.

  6. Intellectual property paralegal – work with megacorps or government institutions and are involved with cases associated with trademark infringement, patent and copyright property matters.

  7. Litigation paralegal – performs extensive legal research that an attorney needs for trial, including examination of court transcripts, related cases and researching and keeping a record of any other information that is relevant.

  8. Real estate paralegal – Keeps a check on all the stacks of documents significant for making real estate purchases, writes lease agreements, file it to the court and also gathers information necessary for title insurance.

There is one major reason of why must you definitely hire a paralegal for your organization as other than keeping a check on your legal records they also are available to interview clients and witnesses or conduct important research work and manage documentation of court which is then proved very economical and boosts productivity at your firm as it allows your team to focus on executing substantive legal work and prioritizing the needs of your clients accordingly.

Advantages of hiring a paralegal for your firm are numerous:

  1. Improved efficiency: It allows your staff or team members to focus on other major tasks than legal work and documentation, which decreases the time and energy taken to get done with a task.

  2. Cost-friendly: Hiring a paralegal is very economical and would fir your budget and because of hiring professionals for the job, the chances of errors are dismissed to a great extent.

  3. The opportunity of delegation: you are able to delegate substantive legal work if you opt to hire a paralegal which then results in better effectiveness and efficiency.

  4. Availability of experts: Time and money are saved to an extent in case you hire experts to get the job done, and the knowledge of legal matters makes it almost impossible to make mistakes or errors.

  5. Flexibility: You can get premium services at an hourly basis if you choose to outsource legal services, thus making it flexible to work with the professionals.

In case you are planning to hire or take a step ahead of hiring a paralegal for your firm, we can get the job done for you without any hustle and bustle, do get in touch with us for the same.

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