Your Continuing SEO Checklist For 2021

Running successful SEO campaigns is not an easy task for many business owners. It requires a 360-degree vision of your business which is translated into content that ranks on Google and the other main search engines (do you know what they are?)

To be able to score well focus on all these new channels for your marketing effort is a huge task. It can become all too easy to get lost working on the optimization of one facet of your business, only to find you have ignored another important area.

So voila! We are sharing our SEO checklist so you can build out your own SEO skills! This step-by-step SEO checklist will help in driving more quality traffic to your website and in pushing your website upwards in the SERP.

Ready to push on up – let’s go!

#1. Setup the Google Search Console

You can use the Google Search Console tool to measure the performance of your website in Google search. The console has numerous beneficial features attached to it which helps in boosting your page rank-

  • Find out the keywords that bring in maximum traffic

  • Submit a sitemap to SERPs

  • Determine the keywords and pages which gives you the most clicks

  • Submit a sitemap

  • Check your rank

  • Get new keywords idea

  • Fix website errors

So, if you are taking your SEO seriously then you need to set up the Google Search Console.

#2. Google Tag Manager

Google tag manager will simplify your SEO working, although it is not an SEO tool it will give you a superb experience as a digital marketer. GTM allows you to set up other tools by deploying code on your website.

It cannot be simpler than this-

  1. Step -1 Select the code you want to add

  2. Step -2 Add the code details

  3. Step -3 Choose the code trigger location

#3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best way how people will reach your site. Some of its helpful features include |