100 Pcs Box Rubber Disposable Gloves

PRODUCT INFO | Use this service as part of your COVID secure measures, contamination and spread of Covid-19 or Coronavirus are much higher due to direct contact or touching the used products or material of an infected person by an infected person. Working with your bare hands around a group of people or when necessary can lead you to catch the virus at a higher rate rather than when you wear gloves or use a protective layer for your hands for work.


While we can’t stop touching and chasing things, we can switch to using gloves for our protection, and here we have introduced a box of 100pcs disposable gloves that you can use throughout without being worried about stocking it all over again. Usage of gloves can minimize the chances of contamination of the virus by a great extent and it’s a must if you want to accept the new normal the right way.


  • Gloves are made of skin-friendly rubber which enhances the grip and makes it easier to carry for the long term without having the worry of skin infections, sweating etc.
  • It fits your hand wholly and doesn’t slide off or cause problems in handling.
  • The product is available in different colours as per your preference.
  • Gloves are leak-proof, sweatproof and let your skin be hydrated and is powder resistant.
  • It is manufactured with automated machines, minimal human contact and using the best available and curated fabric for use.
  • One can dispose of it off after one use so that the chances of contamination are dismissed.
  • The gloves are also water-resistant and do not let any outer substance to enter.


Directions to use: Make sure you use hand sanitiser (70% alcohol content) and rub it well in and over your hands and palm. Wear the gloves and use them well. Dispose of after usage and carry a new one the next time.

100 Pcs Box Rubber Disposable Gloves

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