Automatic Soap Dispenser Infrared Sensor Sanitizing Machine

PRODUCT INFO | Use this product as part of your COVID secure measures, We all are thriving and making sure that we keep a check on minimal contact with any and everyone around amid this pandemic. Coronavirus is a deadly disease that is discovered to be contagious.


It can easily pass through one to another by contact from one to another and especially if the person is infected, contact by any means must be avoided. Thus, the same goes for the equipment and product we are using as a whole and in a great number for our protection from the virus.


Today approximately 20,227,345 people are affected critically by the virus. When a large number of people of a community, home or your office use the same equipment for safety, there is high probability of being infected as discovery has found that there are approximately 30% asymptomatic carriers around, which means they don’t show any symptoms but indeed are affected by the virus.


Therefore, we have now introduced an automatic soap dispenser that has an infrared sensor for the best of no contact experience with the equipment by any means.


  • No contact: Because of the infrared sensors, as and when you have your hands somewhere around 5cm under the machine, the liquid is dispersed with a blue light on, at that moment for your perusal.
  • The sanitiser is untouched and safe enough to be used as many times as needed without the hassle of sharing or asking for the same from one another.
  • The machine is automated so doesn’t need much assistance of any kind for the usage.
  • It also cuts off any possible chances of contamination from an infected person.
  • Easy to handle and manage in every possible manner.


The product is easy to use and very reliable for the ones seeking for the best of protection for oneself, family, colleagues or known around them.

Automatic Soap Dispenser Infrared Sensor Sanitizing Machine

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