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PRODUCT INFO | Use this service to create exciting and unique content for your digital marketing plan which traverses website, social media platforms and offline marketing.   In this day and age CONTENT IS THE KING and you probably have more great social content ideas than you realize!


Shergroup has started offering an expert content writing service for a business likes your which delivers consistent, engaging and high-quality content with a “WOW” factor.   We give you the tools to help you come up with your own ideas and visualize them, so they hit your channels to reinforce your own company’s brand.


Social media is designed to support and drive traffic to your website or to where your customers buy your product or service.  Content writing works in establishing and developing your business in its niche and goes on to create brand awareness across the world. 


In fact, it didn’t take long for us to realize that our clients need content creators and writers to assist them and take on the responsibility of creating relevant and factually correct content which people are going to use as part of their customer journey in getting to know your brand, its values, and how it can help solve the customer’s need.


So again, our simple plan is to do a digital marketing review of what assets you have in the way of content, whether it be blogs, brochures, images, photos, webinars, podcasts, and all your channel content.  From there we draw out of the analytics what is attracting your customers into your “online shop” and what makes them stay and browse your products and services.


From there we come up with a new plan to help your business craft process so you have new content every day on your channels.


You can then move on with the service in house or outsource it to us to keep your process fresh and on point.  its a simple mantra - create sustainable collateral and post it every day on every channel. 


There is expertise to doing this, but we have the process ready for you to come on board.


Call us on 0845 890 9200 or live chat on our website so we can talk about your exact requirements.


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