Enforce Your County Court Judgment (CCJ)

PRODUCT INFO | If you have come out of the Courts of England and Wales holding a piece of paper that says you have a judgment for a sum of money, then this is the place to instruct Shergroup to enforce payment for you.


A County Court Judgment is sent by the Court on a Form N30 after you have requested judgment.


It is enforceable for up to 6 years from the date it was made.


It may be enforceable for longer than that if you can build a case to say what you have done to try and enforce it over the life of the judgment.


For County Court Judgments obtained in the last 6 years which are over £600 in value – which is stated in the box on the front of the form, we provide a simple service to turn that judgment into a High Court Writ of Control.


The benefit of doing this is that you will be able to access our network of licensed enforcement agents who work across England and Wales, to deliver a fair yet firm approach to people who don’t want to pay you your money.


The fee of £156 is a one-time fee.


That’s the investment you are making to access the High Court service.


If we are successful in recovering the money from your debtor you will get back £66 of that investment.


This return is actually the court fee which is paid to the High Court when the Writ is issued.


You will also receive interest which is calculated at 8% per annum from a date which will we calculate for you.


Usually, it is the date the County Court issues a Form N293A and this will usually be done just after you buy this service.


If your judgment is over £5,000 in value then you will be entitled to interest at 8% per annum from the date of your county court judgment.


So we encourage you to dig out the County Court Judgments in your favour and send them to us for enforcement.


Click a photo or scan any paperwork you want to upload into our service, then fill in your details and make your payment.


One of our friendly Business Solution Advisors will contact you to check we have everything we need.


And we are always here to discuss what you want to do before you send your papers across.


Call us on 0845 890 9200 and one of our friendly Business Solutions Advisors will take care of you and your CCJ.

Enforce Your County Court Judgment (CCJ)

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