Enforce Your High Court Judgment

PRODUCT INFO | Straightforward and quick, there is nothing we like more than a High Court judgment to enforce. Coming out of some of the most complex cases to be issued before the Courts in England and Wales, we will manage the transfer of a judgment resulting from contractual disputes, costs, awards and damages.


As soon as the Order is drawn in the High Court it can be sent to Shergroup’s own High Court Enforcement Officer, Claire Sandbrook, for enforcement.


We charge a standard handling fee to manage the transfer process, and the court fee of £66.00 will be returned to the Judgment Creditor in the event of a successful recovery.


A High Court judgment carries interest from the date of the judgment at 8% per annum, as a legal consequence of issuing in the High Court.


High Court Judgments and Orders, as with other judgments, are enforceable without further permission from the Court for a period of 6 years. After 6 years an application to allow enforcement will have to be made.


To use this service all you have to do is to send a copy of your High Court judgment or order, and additional any other information you want us to know about. We will then convert the judgment into a High Court Writ of Control, calculate the interest to the date of the issue of the Writ and the continuing daily rate.


As part of our service, we will help you identify the whereabouts of your Judgment Debtor and look at the background to the judgment. Business debts can be checked easily to see if the business is still trading and whether it has goods which can be taken into legal control.


Enforcement against an individual involves checking the address and asking you to share with us as much background information as possible about the Judgment Debtor. You can add this to the details that you supply when uploading your decree.


To get started on this service all you need to do is |

  • Pay our standard fee is subject to our terms and conditions and covers the court fee due on sealing a Writ of Control, and the standard compliance fee
  • Upload High Court Judgment paperwork you have for the person you want to enforce against including any background information about their assets or address
  • Fill in your full details including your name, email and contact number
  • We do not want any original paperwork at this stage - so please don't try to send us any!


Our fulfilment team will then pick up your purchase and process your order just as they always have.


You will be assigned a dedicated Business Solutions Advisor to ensure you are supported through the enforcement process. You can still reach out to them directly, and they are there to support you in the delivery of the service you have purchased. They also have detailed product knowledge to help you on any of the services or products you see in our shop.

Enforce Your High Court Judgment

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