PRODUCT INFO | Use this service when you get your CCJ or Possession Order from Money Claim Online or Possession Claim Online and you are not sure what is the next step.


We’ve put together this free checking service for all court users so they can get some free expert advice on what to do next with their judgment or order.


All you have to do is go to upload a copy of your CCJ or Possession Order using the box on the right hand side.  You can scan or click a picture to get the paperwork over to us.  Fill in your details and don’t forget to give us your email address and phone number.


Once we have all your information we can review the judgment or order, and advise you on the best course of enforcement action. 


One of our expert Business Solutions Advisors will call or email you to give you their opinion on what’s the best next step. 


If you want to use Shergroup to take that step we can provide all the services you need and we will tell you about those costs when we speak to you.


REMEMBER | you have 6 years to enforce a CCJ and may be longer if you have been trying to enforce it in the last 6 years and can show evidence of these attempts to the Court so it could be you are leaving money on the table by not taking enforcement steps.


If you don’t want to take the next step, or you want to think about it, that’s absolutely fine.  There is no obligation to use Shergroup’s services. 


For some people, enforcement won’t be needed, or it can’t be justified in terms of the cost of pursuing someone for a small amount.  Some times situations, such as the address of the person owing the money, or their current situation means enforcement is not going to work, or it has to be delayed. 


Over the years we have seen all these types of situations at Shergroup.  We believe there are thousands and thousands of unenforced CCJs sitting in drawers and filing cabinets waiting for someone to help bring them out into the light and talk about them. 


By setting up a FREE review service we can help many people get access to justice and finish what the online systems have started. 


Start now by clicking on the link and scanning or clicking a copy of your judgment or order and giving us your full details.   


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