Coach Your Sales Team

PRODUCT INFO | Use this service to help you coach and support your sales team as an online resource. 


Based on a world-class formula of bitesize videos, its easy to view and include this training in your sales process every day.  With over 180 videos and more content being added – you can revisit training and do it twice a year for just the cost of your favourite daily cup of coffee! 


Why twice a Year?  Actually, our sales guru, Bruce King, recommends that you can watch these videos every day or even several times a day – in fact whenever you have a sales challenge, and you or your colleagues need some support from someone who has done the job!


To get this expert resource into your organization TODAY click on the FIND OUT MORE button to start your journey on polishing your sales skills using your favorite device. 


Claire Sandbrook as Shergroup CEO recommends this training and has implemented it in Shergroup’s own training and support system.  She says, “I met Bruce several years ago at an Institute of Director’s Sales Training Two Day Course and he made such a positive impression on me.  The great thing about Bruce’s videos is that you don’t need to try and cram all his expert tips into two days of training. Now it's all there for you so you have all the information at your fingertips on any device.  You could be working at your desk, sitting on a train, and you catch watch it all on your phone or other devices”. 


So, if you need to get your team motivated for the challenge of building your business now is the time to invest in Bruce’s world-class sales coaching program!  And we would love to hear from you on your success stories and outcomes which help you move the needle north! 


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Coach Your Sales Team

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