Creating New Logo

PRODUCT INFO | Use this service to have a new logo designed for your business which is unique, stunning and helps you build recognition for your brand.


Our logo creation is part of our brand marketing service, where we create stunning and sometimes amusing logos for all types of business. 


As you know your business logo has to attract attention, make a strong first impression, be the foundation of your brand, be memorable, separate you from the competition, fosters brand loyalty, and is frankly, expected by your audience!  That’s a tall order for you if you’re stuck knowing how to build all these attributes into the logo for your business


At Shergroup we understand this because we had to take our 200-year-old law firm and re-brand it from Burchell & Ruston into Shergroup!  We felt this was an almost impossible task.  Everyone knew our law firm name, and we didn’t know how to combine and B and an R together into a modern logo design.  In the end, we decided to go to an external marketing team and create the logo of the cubes you see today, along with our CMO’s favourite colour of purple!  And in fact, our new name was based on the word “Sheriff”, so it was under our nose all the time.


So perhaps your company has some of the elements we need to draw up a new logo and even brand identity and there in your business today!  The owner’s favourite colour may be just the thing that helps you go in a certain direction, along with how you want your business to stand out from your competitors, and even more important to resonate with your existing customers, as well as reaching new customers. 


Adding a tag line which works for your business can be part of the logo design and can be changed as your business grows or goes into a new area.  Shergroup’s strapline has changed 3 times in 20 years!  But the cubes and the name have stayed the same! 


If you need a logo, refresh a logo, or start again, Shergroup can provide you with a complete design that is right for your business and which works as well on the side of a company vehicle as it does on your website! 


You can take this project as far as you want to build up a new presence online and offline! 


Today we can offer you a set price to design a logo for your business.  If you want to take it further, we can scope a project for you to build that design into business cards, brochures, website, social media, company merchandise, and vehicle graphics.  The foundation of it all is the logo! 

Our experienced and cool design team can start there for you by designing a new fresh logo.  From there the sky’s the limit!   


Reach out to us today to get started.  You can live chat on our website so we can discuss what you want to achieve and see what you already have in your business to get started. 


You can also email us at – or message us on one of our social media channels including FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM!

Creating New Logo

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