Purple Disposable Face Masks (10/50/100/200 pcs)

PRODUCT INFO | Use this service as part of your COVID secure measures, We stock a wide range of face coverings and face masks. We are now introducing disposable face masks for you which are safe, protective and skin-friendly enough to make you want more of them for usage. From adults to children of any age, we have curated this product to make sure that you are safe amid this pandemic no matter where and with whom you are.


Masks have proved to be one of the major equipment or products suggested by the WHO for everyone being around the globe. Masks have proved to be a wonder so that to cut down the probability of catching the virus by 50% or even more if you are around an infected person. We hereby have to introduce purple disposable face masks for your safety at its best.


Features of disposable face masks that protect you

  • Masks are non-woven and manufacture by minimal human contact making them safe and easy to handle and wear.
  • Skin-friendly and comfortable, as the ear loop is 3 layered and well foamed for long wear.
  • Available in different colours according to your mood and preferences.
  • Pack of 10-100 masks available all at one place.
  • It fits all the sizes and shapes and fully covers the mouth, dismissing any chances of contamination.
  • The product is sweat and leak proof and does not let any harmful substance or virus catch you.


It is advised that always clean your hands with alcohol-based sanitizer or with soap and water thoroughly. Also, make sure there are no gaps between your mouth and mask, and it is always fully covered when you are in contact with others.

Purple Disposable Face Masks (10/50/100/200 pcs)

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