Background Check an Employee


PRODUCT INFO | Use this product to check that you are employing a person who has their credentials in order. 


As an employer, you’ll need to make sure that new employees can work in the UK.  Employers are required to make this check before they are hired.  It’s a risk as an employer can be fined up to £20,000 if it can’t show evidence that an employee’s right to work in the UK was checked. 


Our employment check will verify this important point is covered.  For EU citizens and their families, a check will need to be made after the end of 2020 that the new post-Brexit status and documentation is in order. 


At the essence of this trace is verification that you are employing a person with a true identity with truthful information on their CV about their skills and qualifications. 


Our Employee’s Background check will include a combination of tracking an individual’s residential address and their current employment details.  We will also make office and database enquiries to confirm that the information you have been furnished with is correct. 


Additional employment searches including DBS searches can be made – ask our friendly Business Solutions Advisors for a specific type of search. 


The delivery time for this product is between 3 – 28 days. 


REMEMBER | You may need to carry out a Criminal Record check as part of the recruitment process because the role you are hiring for requires it.  Certificated enforcement agents and security officers have to have criminal background checks carried out as part of their certification.  Some roles require more detailed checks, for example, people working in healthcare and childcare need a deeper search.  Unless you’re eligible to check someone’s spent criminal record for a job, then it’s against the law to refuse to employ them because they have spent convictions. 


A new recruit can be asked to take a health check before being employed IF it’s a legal requirement.  This might include an eye test for pilots or truck drivers, or good physical health for cycle couriers.  A health check should be included in any offer letter and written consent should be obtained from the candidate before asking for the same from the candidate’s doctor. 


As we all know it is vital that checks made do not discriminate – so it’s a no-no to target a certain age group.  Discouraging people from applying for a job carries the risk of being guilty of discrimination.


Finally, when handling people’s personal data in the recruitment process, it is important to follow data protection rules. 

Background Check an Employee

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