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PRODUCT INFO | Use this product to locate, identify or verify a company or business and it’s addressed.  You can make this search at any stage of your customer relationship.  Whether you have started trading, want to start trading or are catching a cold from trading with someone who has left you with an unpaid invoice, this search will help you work out your next steps. 


When we receive your instruction we will confirm the registered office of a company and any trading addresses within the UK.  These addresses are important for legal reasons when it comes to issuing proceedings, and enforcing any resulting County Court Judgment (CCJ)


We will also confirm the “legal person” you are trading with or want to trade with.  This is important because many people just take down the name giving to them by their customer and put this on to their order form, and invoice.  The trouble comes when you want to recover from the “legal person” behind this name and you find that actually that “legal person” doesn’t exist in law. 


Limited companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) are a “legal person” and have a separate legal entity from their owners or shareholders.


Often, we are asked to enforce payment of a judgment against a “legal person” who doesn’t exist, and we have to ask the creditor to amend the name on their judgment or start a new claim.


This is all very annoying and adds expense to an already frustrating situation. 


Our report will confirm whether the “legal person” you want to trade with, or sue, or enforce against is a proper “legal person”.  If you don’t have the right information, we will put you straight, so you know where you stand. 


Following on from this we can help you with any collections, legal or enforcement issue resulting from checking the name and address of your debtor company. 

Find a Company or Business

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