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PRODUCT INFO | Use this service to make lawful and compliant searches to find a person. 


Using our network of fully trained agents who work under a strict code of compliance, we use our trace and investigation skills to find anyone who owes you money. 


Providing a full spectrum of collection services means we offer this service as a starting point for many of our creditor clients who need to find a debtor after a period of time has elapsed, or where a person has moved on and not informed our client of their current whereabouts. 


Trace reports are quick to complete and will give you a starting point for your collections process, money claim, or the enforcement of any CCJ.  As High Court Enforcement Officers, we have to use this service ourselves.  This enables us to find and verify the information we are given by you in your initial instructions.  When we are acting as High Court Enforcement Officers, we have to check that the address on the Writ of Control is one of “relevant premises”, be it the debtor’s home or business address. 


So as a result, we understand all about the frustration of working with unreliable or out-of-date information.  Unfortunately, we do see this on many occasions.  We see it as our mission to get this critical piece of insight as accurate as possible.  This in turn saves you time and money as your debtor’s identity and address is checked and verified at any point in the collections process. 


We combine the very latest technology with streetwise ingenuity borne of years of experience in the field. We ensure any address we supply is confirmed by at least two sources.


To instruct us all you need to do is upload your instructions, any background information you want us to look at and pay your fee.  From there we will process your instruction and send you a report within 7 working days. 

Find a Person

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