Manage Your Email List

PRODUCT INFO | Use this service to get super organized with all your company data relating to every person in your universe that you can sell too. 


We take your email list, your Rolodex, your customer details from your finance system, your ordering data, your sales team data, your LINKEDIN presence, your case management systems and your social media pages and combine into ONE BIG email list! 


And once we have that you can then start to grow that ONE list with more email lists of the types of customers you want to sell too. 


Shergroup offers this data handling and email list management service to everyone on our mailing list because business owners need help in pulling this all together.  Without a drive to pull all this data together it is sitting in “silos” being used once at a time.


Instead, we recommend harnessing the power of all that data into a single list which can be used to communicate with your own community of buyers, suppliers, and wider networks.  This galvanizes people to start talking about your brand, what you do, and gets them to look you up on a website that measures the interest in your business.


Once we have created a list for you, we can look at your CRM system (CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management) and help you import your ONE email list into that system as the start of generating more leads


The ONE email strategy will help you grow your business more than the printed page, the brochure, the website on its own, and any social media you may have.  It is the kick start to develop a complete customer journey where your existing customers and contacts are looped into what you already do.  Now you just have to sell them more of the same!  The goal is simple, “Grow Your Business”!


You can book a 121 with our CMO, Claire Sandbrook, to help you gather together all the individual databases in your business to make that ONE email list.  Claire follows our own digital marketing gurus from the US on how to get this done. 


From there we can import all that data into a lead generation and marketing program to help you move your list forward, add to it daily, and increase traffic to your website


If you already have a website, we can take a look at how that’s working for you, and whether it needs to be tweaked to give you just a few more bells and whistles, or if you’re starting from scratch, we can build you a fresh new website that has all the elements which receives the traffic and gives you the analytics to turn LEADS into CUSTOMERS.  


So, if digital marketing has alluded you until now, never fear, it all starts with the data you have in your business today under your nose.  We can create your first step into the digital marketing world by harnessing that data in a few easy steps. 


Don’t feel overwhelmed.  Reach out to us today to get started. Call us on 0845 890 9200 or live chat on our website so we can discuss what you want to achieve and what you already have in your business to get started. 


You can also email us at – or message us on one of our social media channels including FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM!

Manage Your Email List

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