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PRODUCT INFO | Use this service as an alternative to risky litigation and unknown outcomes.  Mediation offers a path to negotiating a way through a dispute in a controlled and less expensive environment.


For landlords and tenants, mediation offers a way through the Coronavirus Regulations.  Disputes need to be aired, but if they can be resolved without either party losing out so much the better.  In a landlord and tenant situation, the ultimate outcome should be that the landlord has a good tenant, and the tenant has a fair and responsive landlord. 

Mediation offers both parties the opportunity to win through in property disputes in a shorter and far less expensive process. 


Our panel of mediators are experts in the mediation process and have helped hundreds of clients with their legal issues connected to property relationships.  They understand how to handle property disputes and the laws that surround them.


This enables a quick and effective solution to even the most complex issues.  Here’s an overview of how we conduct mediations online using ZOOM.  This saves on the face to face meetings, arranging venues, and avoids travel costs.  


An online environment means a party can resolve their dispute from the comfort of their own home without risking a face to face meeting.  Everyone involved is in a safe setting without the risk of spreading or catching COVID


The technology involved is simple to use and we provide a pre-mediation online session with each party.  The appointed mediator will take each party through the online platform and at the same time will get to know the parties separately. 


Using ZOOM as the Mediation Enabler

You may still not have encountered ZOOM as a platform to meet people in a virtual setting.  So here is a rundown of how a mediation on ZOOM works |

  • The parties, their legal advisors and the mediator may well be in different parts of the country but ZOOM allows the mediator to them in the same virtual breakout room so they can speak privately.
  • The mediator will set up the breakout rooms before sending an email invitation with a link to all the parties.
  • The mediator can then enter the private breakout rooms at any time.  Instead of “knocking on the door” the mediator will let the parties know via a chat message facility that he or she wants to pop in.  In fact, the participants can decline if they need more time to talk privately.
  • Any party in a breakout room can ask to speak to the mediator by using the “Ask for help” button.
  • If the participants want to ‘meet’, without their lawyers, the mediator can create a separate breakout room. The mediator can ‘attend’ this separate meeting or not, as the participants wish.
  • Similarly, a breakout room can be arranged for the lawyers if they wish to meet separately.
  • Joint meetings can also be held with everyone in the same virtual room. People are likely to be more comfortable with the mediation process because they are in their home setting, or another setting where they feel quite at ease doing business. 


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