Mediation For Landlords And Tenants

PRODUCT INFO | Use this service as an alternative to getting all hot and bothered on litigation.  2021 is shaping up to be a re-run of 2020 with landlords and tenants having to find a way through paying rent, without having the cashflow in their businesses


Landlords want to keep tenants in a place where they can, and tenants are looking for a way to stay! 


So our mediation product is perfect for taking the heat out of a situation.  It offers a path to landlords and tenants to negotiate their way through a situation which neither party wanted or created.  It is just the way the world is at the moment. 


With moratoriums in place for commercial and residential landlords on taking action for repossession, then there is a way through the impasse created by the Coronavirus Regulations


With restrictions looking like they may stay in place until 2022, mediation allows parties to get things on an agreed footing in a controlled setting. 


Instead of litigating with a view to repossessing a property, the parties can avoid the inevitable backlogs in court proceedings, again created by the COVID crisis


Disputes can continue to be aired, without either party losing out. 

Mediation in the landlord and tenant relationship offers both parties the opportunity to prepare their positions, and they work with a mediator to come up with an agreed way forward. 


Shergroup’s panel of mediators are seeing more and more landlord and tenants come forward seeking a way through their respective positions.  A trained mediator with experience in landlord and tenant law, will understand how to handle property disputes and the laws that surround this particular area of law.   


Better still mediations can be conducted in an online environment over a communication channel such as ZOOM.  With restrictions on travel, and social distancing in place, this way of resolving a dispute saves on the need to meet in person, along with all the costs of travel and arranging a suitable venue. 


For information on how mediation can work for you visit our main mediation page at

Mediation For Landlords And Tenants

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