100 Pcs Nitrile Disposable Gloves

PRODUCT INFO | Use this service as part of your COVID secure measures, One can be prone to Coronavirus simply by touching on to things, gates, seats of public transports, racks while shopping and whatnot. Once the droplets of an infected person sit at any non-living thing, it lives for a time period that is quite unknown in most the cases, thus touching onto some things and then moving your hands to your face can prove to be deadly at a point.


It can affect you severely and then you won’t have any option left. Rather a bold step for keeping Coronavirus at an arm’s length must be taken at the right given time so that to never face what more than 20,227,345 people are going through around the globe.


Thus, using hand gloves must be on the top of your list of safety measures as wearing gloves can protect you and your loved ones to an extent that’s needed.


We have now introduced a new range of hand gloves, nitrile disposable gloves those are durable and well-curated as per the requirement and need of the people all around.

  • Quality: Nitrile makes it high-quality enough resulting in tear, liquid and leak-resistant. One can work in all condition and still protect his hands from the outer environment once these gloves are worn.
  • Skin-friendly: Unlike other hand gloves, these disposable gloves are skin-friendly and results in the same level of strength and softness in hands after finishing with the tasks.
  • Minimal risk: Because of being disposable, one can always just throw or get rid of a pair after usage which minimizing the risk of contamination to a great extent and keeps the environment clean and tidy around.
  • Good grip: Grip proves to be satisfying while working in these gloves and the quality is assured by all means for the same.

100 Pcs Nitrile Disposable Gloves

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