Concrete Barrier Blocks

PRODUCT INFO | Over the past two decades we have been asked to carry the recovery of land using Writs of Possession.


Part of the role of our operations team is to risk assess a site to establish if trespassers can get back onto land whilst we are trying to evict them.


The answer for fields, car parks, derelict land, petrol stations and construction sites (in fact any open space with an entrance) is to strategically place concrete blocks to prevent access back on to the land.


As moving these heavy blocks carries an element of risk, we only use trusted partners, who will turn up and drop the blocks exactly where they are needed.


The blocks are impossible to move without heavy lifted equipment so once they are in place, they stay in situ until they are picked up. We can arrange the delivery and placing of the blocks and their removal when the time comes.


They will stop the most determined trespassers.


We have used them when enforcing a Writ of Possession to prevent squatters, travellers and protestors from bringing their vehicle or caravan in an area we are working in.


Our past clients include local authorities, supermarkets, power stations, petrol stations, building sites and farmers, to name but a few.


Every client is anxious to stop trespassers from camping out on their land and are concerned to keep them off once possession is regained.


The blocks can be placed across entrances to fields, car parks, building sites, and forecourts.


And if you are in the market just to control traffic – pedestrian or vehicular, these blocks are strong enough to withstand terrorist attacks, and ram-raiders.


In less intense settings they can be dropped into place to manage traffic and pedestrians, by creating safe walkways. So one call to our Business Solutions Team gets you a "block drop".

Concrete Barrier Blocks

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