Forfeiture of Commercial Lease Service

PRODUCT INFO | Use this service if you need to forfeit your tenant’s commercial lease because of a breach of lease terms.  At the current time this service is only available for breaches other than non-payment of rent.  The service is offered as a fixed price package.  We will liaise with you on this short operation to offer you the best date.  Our enforcement agents are drawn from a national panel and we cover all 105 postcodes across England and Wales.  To use the service please upload a copy of the lease showing the express provision allowing breach and a copy of your Section 146 Notice.


We provide a separate service to serve a Notice which you can buy separately. Forfeiture on the grounds of non-payment of rent is suspended under The Coronavirus Act 2020.  The period of suspension has been extended until 31st December 2020.  We will update this product page when the suspension is lifted as to the more usual form of forfeiture based on the non-payment of rent.


At the moment we operate on the basis that the property in question is going to be entered by peaceable re-entry without using force against anyone present in the property who opposes the forfeiture and re-entry process.  To be clear this service cannot involve the eviction of any person lawfully residing in the property.  So, for example is a business owner had decided to set up a temporary home in the area of the property covered by the lease we would not attempt to remove that person without further investigation and possibly a court order.  A flat above a shop with a connecting door into the lease premises would also not be suitable for this type of service.  That said, a flat above a shop with a separate and front door and no connection to the lease premises would not stop the forfeiture of the lease to the shop.

Forfeiture of Commercial Lease Service

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